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I had a terrible bowling accident in this book many years ago. My friends and I sat in the line of a heated tie-breaker and I was so focused on putting on a great show on my last shot, getting into action, loudly announcing my imminent victory, dancing and spinning as I got closer that I didn’t know where my legs were when I dropped the ball. It was a moment when I learned how serious the bowling community is when it comes to punishing those who cross the line with one finger. She spills oil, wax or grease or something incredibly slippery on the track, and if someone accidentally slides off the track while trying to make a perfect shot with a hook, she finds her feet flying underneath her and her ass bouncing off a surface where even a bowling ball can’t break in the air. A few weeks later, in bed, I explained to the man I had met at Macy’s that I had woken up in the middle of the night with unbearable pain in my legs since the accident. According to my acupuncturist, this is because when I lost a nerve in my back, I hit the floor and needed a new, stronger mattress to sleep through the night.

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In this book –You Are a Badass PDF Book by Jen Sincero – When I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, my friends and I used to hang out in this western bar called the Midnight Rodeo. There were curlers and hairspray in the women’s washroom, Bud Lite in a special permanent place for two dollars a box, and a massive oak dance floor the size of a cornfield. We’re all from the East Coast and we were too cool for country music. So we took a nap and laughed at everything when we proudly saw a particularly large belt buckle or a cowboy, an athletic steering wheel mustache large enough to cover the first five lips. But our favorite part was dancing on the line. We were fascinated by the huge choreographic mass of Garth Brooks fans stomping around in synchronized Woo-Hoo with thumbs deliberately stuck in the front pockets of their jeans. It was so much fun that we started waving to our friends from the middle of the sea with cowboy hats – look! After that we stayed on the ground for the next song and tried to lower the part where you let your heels click just before you turn.

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  • Full name of book – You’re a bad guy.
  • The author of this book in is Jen Cincero.
  • Language – English
  • Book type – Non-fiction, self-help
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