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This book contains one of my new favorites! After I started analyzing this e-book, I had almost no idea what this e-book was, so I was more than pleasantly surprised at how much I loved and enjoyed it. But it’s also one of those books where I’m fully aware that people hate everything about it. I discovered a letter that was suddenly modern. If I hadn’t discovered it when the fairy tale was written, I might have guessed it only came out the last few years. So, if you didn’t bring this book because you’re afraid you’ll have problems with outdated phrases that can usually be used in the classics – don’t worry, you’ll be cute! There are a lot of repeating terms, and I can perfectly understand why someone finds this fear, even though I like this kind of thing in books. In fact, I have set myself the task of working on every line where the main character, Holden, mentions that something has killed him, that he feels depressed/right/etc., something crazy/weird, that something just happened (according to him), something about the Loss of life in multiple relationships and more than one small thing. The guy who’s become a busy man! Every page has some kind of marking! Now, if you’re a man who doesn’t like repetition… Yeah, apparently this book isn’t always for you.

In this book –Capture in Rye in PDF format book J. Д. Selinger… Speaking of Holden: I’m sure he’s one of the most hated characters of all time, because I see and hear an infinite number of people talking about his pretension and excitement. I’ll get more of these reviews, but maybe I just fell in love with him! The goal is just to find him: I have a relationship with him. I understand that there’s anger and frustration in everything and everyone. I understand that whatever happens to you, it’s not always enough and you continue to feel inadequate and alone. If I had studied this book a few years ago I might have thought that Holden was a pretty good male version of me, and I would have thrown it in the faces of all those people who had made helpless attempts to get to know me. Fortunately, I am now really over that level, and I can look at her and her (or our old) common world view in a much bigger picture. But studying the book on the scene of my life was for me now, it also showed me that it is still far too smooth for me to tell and sympathize with characters like Holden. I have to admit, I still have a long way to go. My ambition is to reread this book in about ten years’ time and the only meaning attached to Holden in a form of long-term and far-reaching success. Finally, I would like to say that this could be a book that is 100% full of character. There is only a very small number of websites (and this small number is an alternative to the frequent sites). It’s more like looking at the characters. So if you’re looking for an exciting fairy tale, full of movement and adventure, this is not always an e-book for you.

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  • Full name of book – Trapper on Rye
  • The author of this book is – J.J. Jones Д. Salinger.
  • Language – English
  • Kind of book – Fiction, novel, literature, classical, young adults, fiction
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  • Size – 5 MB
  • E-book pages – 285
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