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In this book I will never forget the day that I was really impressed by the realization of my dream. I flew my jet helicopter from a business meeting in Los Angeles to Orange County on my way to one of my seminars. As I flew over the city of Glendale, I suddenly saw a large building, stopped the helicopter and leaned over. As I looked down, I realized that this is the building where I worked as a janitor five years ago! At that time I wondered if my 1960 Volkswagen would make it on a 30-minute drive to work, my life was all about how I would survive; I felt scared and lonely. But that day, when I was hanging in the air, I thought, what a difference a decade makes! I had dreams back then, but it looked like they were never going to come true. Today, however, I have come to the conviction that all my past failures and disappointments have indeed laid the foundation for an agreement that has created a new standard of living that I now enjoy. When I went further south on the coastal road, I saw dolphins playing with the surfers in the waves below. It’s a show that my wife and I, Becky, consider one of life’s special gifts. I finally got Irvine on the phone. When I looked down, I was a little excited to see that the starting slope of my seminar was full of bumper-to-bumper traffic from more than a kilometer away. People thought of me: My God, I hope that everything else that happens tonight will start soon, so that the people who come to my seminar arrive on time.

Anthony Robbins wakes the giant inside.

In this book –Awaken the Giant inside PDF Book by Anthony Robbins – To make your commitment come true, you need the best strategies to achieve results. One of my fundamental beliefs is that strategies can be understood if you raise the bar and if you can convince yourself. They’ll just find a way. After all, that’s what this whole book is about. He will show you strategies for your work, and I will tell you now that the best strategy almost always is to find a model, someone who achieves all the desired results, and then use your knowledge. Find out what they do, what their core beliefs are and how they think. This not only makes you more efficient, but also saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can refine it, make it new and maybe even improve it. This book gives you information and suggestions on the three basic principles of quality change: It will help you raise your standards by showing what they are today and understanding what you want; it will help you change the fundamental beliefs that keep you from going where you want to go and improve the beliefs that already serve you; and it will help you develop a set of strategies to produce the results you want, more elegantly, faster and more effectively.

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  • Full name of book – Awakening the Giant inland
  • The author of this book is Anthony Robbins.
  • Language – English
  • Type of book – Non-fiction, business, psychology, self-help
  • Download PDF format
  • Size – 2 MB
  • Pages of an e-book – 378
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