1. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  9. Good morning, sir,
  10. I would like to give you a little feedback about Paypal and the possibility to pay by credit card without opening a Paypal account. This option is theoretically proposed by Paypal under the title optional paypal account and requires a fair configuration of his Paypal merchant account.

    The problem is that, on closer inspection, this option is only available for a few countries, including France, Canada and the United States. On the other hand for Belgium, Switzerland and other countries, recently it’s impossible, Paypal automatically asks you to enter a password which is then used to create the account, which is no longer optional. I had never had the curiosity to test a country other than France.

    Having several commercial sites, not developed by the same people, including one under Prestashop, I had all my scripts checked and everything is ok (even for Paypal).

    I called Paypal 3 times to get some clarification, which I didn’t get. They don’t know about it and systematically refer me to the technical service, which for its part remains mute, non-existent. It’s been almost three weeks.
  11. Am I the only one in this case? Had you ever noticed?

  12. Are you sure about this? And not that the credit card has already been used, the account creation is mandatory (I don’t know anymore, but this one shot payment without account is limited to 2 or 5 by credit card).
  13. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  21. There is indeed a story like that, where the number of card payments is limited. But there it is visible even before entering the bank details, the form proposed asks for a password.
  22. No, I’m not sure, that’s why I’m asking if others have this problem.
  23. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  30. I just tried, what if I click on You don’t have a PayPal account? then if I choose Switzerland or Belgium, I have the payment form without creating an account. It asks for an email address, but no password is required at this stage (there is normally the option to create an account after payment, but it is optional).
  31. Note that I’ve already seen cases where it gets a bit confusing in some cases (combination of Paypal cookies already present + change of country it seems to me), but for someone who really doesn’t have a Paypal account and who is in the target country, it should pass without any problem. No?
  32. Jacques.
  33. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  41. After a bit of forcing with Paypal’s technical service, they finally answered me, sending me back to a page where we can read, among other things, about the Paypal Optional Account option :

    * This option is only available to buyers residing in the same country as the merchant. For security reasons, buyers residing in a different country from the seller’s country are required to create a PayPal account. Exceptions exist but are not listed as they may be subject to change.

    * This option is not available in all countries!
  43. It’s still unbelievable that none of the people I had on the phone know about it and that it doesn’t appear in the current Paypal pages either !

  44. I wanted to test in hidden navigation mode we are obliged to create a paypal account by returning to classic mode the problem did not arise any more.
  45. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  53. I apologize for digging up this month old post but I was looking for information myself about the disappearance of the possibility to pay without having a Paypal account.

    I had someone from their company on the phone who explained to me that Paypal was gradually disengaging from this kind of solution (for insurance reasons or whatever, it wasn’t clear) and that it would slowly disappear from all the tools currently in place.
  54. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  61. As a merchant you can make sure that your buyer falls on the credit card page at paypal and not account

    wholesale it’s a field to fill in like ‘LANDINGPAGE’ = ‘Login’ or ‘LANDINGPAGE’ = ‘Billing’.
  62. Of course if landingpage is billing no paypal account, it is directly payment by credit card that is proposed.

  63. Paypal officially announced that from June it would no longer be possible to make a credit card payment without having a paypal account.
  64. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  71. Well, it’s an earthquake which is announced all the more that we are on May 14th and that leaves only 15 days to a lot of people to turn around, personally I manage a voluntary association shop and we haven’t received anything.
  72. I think a lot of the competitors will be happy.
  73. And to think that in the interface it’s their main argument taken from their current display:
  74. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  82. I guess they changed the terms because completely anonymous accounts attract people who knit on the Internet. Also its competitor paysafecard is introducing more and more engaging aspects such as account and loyalty points etc. I don’t know if I approve or not…
  83. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  91. I feel like saying a big Pxxxxx
    Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!
  92. I’ve been busting my head for weeks to set up the paypal system !!! all my tests with the sandbox accounts were working normally, and now that I open to the general public I realize that we are obliged to create a paypal account !!!
  93. the worst thing is that we can’t find any info, this is the first forum where I feel like I’m not from march :/
  94. do you have any ideas for what’s next?
  95. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  102. Yes but no, I put in copy what is still on the paypal website, and we can see that it’s still the main argument for not having a personal account I only found these statements for Japan, but nothing on the Paypal side. I think we should ask them directly.
  103. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  111. anyway, according to you, paypal is changing its policy, and there’s nothing we can do about it…
  112. I try a real test, by putting my email address, I can’t even pay, I’m told that I put the email of the seller account :/
  113. I have the impression that at the time of the 1st payment by cb the person created the paypal account, and the next time that it will come to pay by paypal, it will not be able any more to choose to create password, but paypal account and there hello the complications :/)
  114. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  121. Change your payment page to land your buyer on the choice of payment method, there are two choices to pay with paypal account or directly the seizure of his credit card so without creating an account with paypal.
  122. It is this page of fall at my home test at the moment, you see that it is optional, I did not capture more than

    large, but the credit card form is complete it is necessary to enter the number the date the 3 digits on the back …
  123. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  131. Hi, thanks for your help… how did you get to this page?
  132. my button access payment (with all the parameters amount, ect) sends to this address :
  133. <form action=https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr method=post>
  134. and this is what I see:
  135. the fact in itself to have to create an account is not a big problem, it’s just that paypal will oblige the person who wants to pay to open a cb account, to have it checked … I’m sure !
  136. how do you redirect them to a page that allows you to pay without registering?
  137. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  144. You’re the one who directly handles the whole form by hand?
  145. In fact I use the payment module which is native in prestashop, I had made a little post which is more a memory aid than really how-to here I don’t have too much time, but I’m sure you can find a field in the form that allows you the same thing. If you can’t find it in the paypal doc I’ll try to look, but not before the weekend.
  146. Otherwise I asked the question to Paypal before yesterday to know if it’s a rumor or if there will be changes I still don’t have an answer from them.

  147. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!
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  155. hi
  156. thanks for your link, but I didn’t really manage to fill in all the fields.
  157. it doesn’t exist in French?
  158. but trying to put anything in it generates an asp file (that I don’t master)
  159. What exactly does that make?
  160. otherwise … I don’t know if it’s because I was posted on their forum a request for information, but this morning after more than 2 years of using my account, I had the bad surprise to see my paypal account blocked
    Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!
  161. they are scary … saying to remove their logo from my site … how do I get my payments now?
    Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!
  162. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  169. There are other providers other than paypal. Well, then, you have to find one where gambling is not forbidden.
  170. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  178. You’re right, I called them, and they said it’s because of the gambling.
  179. I told them the truth, however, that my site is totally free, and that donations are only accepted
  180. my site cannot be considered a gambling site.
  181. They’re pissing me off! And I think they’re going to close the account.
  182. as payment by credit card without any hassle you have an interesting idea?
  183. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  191. a member responded to this topic talking about multisafepay
  192. but somehow his message disappeared…
  193. you know?
  194. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  202. You’re totally right.
  203. Paypal are liars but 90% of webmasters don’t even know it.
  204. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  212. Paypal Account Optional, Not So Optional That Has !!

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  220. Stripe.com is the best now.

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