Pawns Stars 2019: Bigger Show, Less Chumlee For Season 16

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Farm Stars 2019 reports on the 21st. The return of January! The 16th will be very different from the first 15 seasons of the History Channel show that Rick Harrison has wanted for a long time.  Now there will be a lot more fun, a lot more show and a lot less Chumlee. What do we know about next season?

Farm stars 2019: Shows the reconstructed historical chain

There will be a big change in season 16 that may surprise the old fans ofPawn Stars . The number of episodes has now doubled from 30 to 60 minutes. This does not mean that there are more things to discuss, but rather many more deep dives. In a speech to Vegas Review-Journal, Rick Harrison explained that they would entertain fans by delving into the history of the fascinating artifacts that entered the store. The pawnbroker and reality TV star calls Pawn Stars a history lesson and knows fans love to learn history. If you take the time to discuss the topics, the show can grow and have more fun.

Moreover, this season’s story goes beyond the world-famous gold and silver pioneer. The show in Las Vegas goes beyond Sin City in search of fascinating historical artifacts. Although Harrison couldn’t say exactly where she was in the 16th grade, he did suggest they went south.

Far fewer girls in Stars 2019 promises

In season 16 of the Stars of the Pawnthere will be much less Chumlee. No, Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumley, don’t leave the show. The childhood friend and co-star Cory Harrison is now much smaller! The lucky reality star lost more than 114 pounds after surgery on her stomach earlier this year. Chumley looks fantastic! He recently got engaged to Olivia and extended his dog family. After some personal difficulties lately, life has been good for him because of the many changes that have taken place.

Fans will remember that Corey himself lost over 100 pounds in a gastroplasty operation a few years ago. When his doctor diagnosed him with pre-diabetes, he rushed to the operating room. He had to use four credit cards, but he lost weight and held back. The biggest problem is that Garrison married Carina in 2017. Cory and Kiki separated in early autumn. They stressed that it was not personal, referring to the fact that the divorce was caused by an insane and controversial scheme. Not everything was sad, because the former couple had a baby in October, which they named Richard Harrison after his deceased grandfather. You know Richard would have liked that because it was a tribute to him.

Richard Harrison is commemorated in season 14

Fans of the show mourned the loss of old Richard Harrison. The patriarch of the Harrison family died on the 25th. June 2018 at the age of 77 on the consequences of the fight against Parkinson’s disease. Harrison, a former Navy man, opened a pawnshop in Las Vegas with his son Rick, named after him. The old man was always portrayed as stingy, but he didn’t have to. Humley always insisted that the old man was like a teddy bear and always friendly. Although Story broadcast the Stars of the Pawns in memory of Richard Harrison, they will be presented to him in the 16th episode. The holiday season is probably a tribute.

Are you expecting the super size Stars Pawn? Tell us what you think in the comments. Don’t miss the new episodes of Stars of the Pawn Season 16 or 21. January on the History Channel.

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