Paul Pierce Was Wildin’ On IG Live With A Bunch Hot Girls Dancing Around Him –

Paul Pierce is under fire again, but this time it has nothing to do with his constant attitude and criticism of LeBron James The Boston Celtics icon became famous for his eyebrow-mashing, and now he’s pulling off antics on ESPN, where he currently works.

Friday was a very interesting day for him as he went on Instagram Live with his friends while they played cards. But Pierce wanted to take it to the next level, so he called strippers to dance for him and the rest of the team.

Paul Pierce had the night of his life on IG live last night

– NBA Lowdown (@NBALowdown) 3. April 2021

Paul Pierce Wildin on IG Live

– Ahmed/Unbeatable Best Show (@big_business_) April 3, 2021

We should add that this man has a wife and family, but that didn’t stop him from doing it and posting it on Instagram Live, where over 300 people are watching his creation.

From the Indians. We were in Turkey

– (@THVMOE) 3. April 2021

Naturally, the NBA world responded by reminding Pierce that his current employers would not be happy with his behavior and created numerous memes about it. Even Bradley Beale had something to say about the Pierce incident.

Forgetting to meet good friends

– Bradley Beal (@RealDealBeal23) 3. April 2021

Paul Pierce woke up to a $100,000 deficit and 12 voicemails from ESPN’s Human Resources department.

– Tyler Conway (@jtylerconway) April 3, 2021

I’m honestly more surprised that Paul Pierce knows how to use IG for a living

– David Portillo (@D_Portillo_0) 3. April 2021

Paul Pierce calls for an escort for 315 viewers on IG Live, I’m screwing up the vision even though he’ll be on ESPN Gulag.

– Ahmed/Unbeatable Best Show (@big_business_) April 3, 2021

Paul Pierce went on a rampage on IG live

– Best Sports Lights (@BSHighlights) April 3, 2021

At least there’s progress

– AB (@D4LAB) 3. April 2021

Paul Pierce took away all their phones and made them sign a non-disclosure agreement, then went live, unreal.

– ♟ not (sound guy) (@__laxned) April 3, 2021

– Ray Jackson (@RayJack97010720) 3. April 2021

Paul Pierce works for Disney and has strippers on his IG Live.

– Black & Broke Tony Stark (@RickFauxx) April 3, 2021

ESPN wakes up and understands why Paul Pierce is coach

– Tony Clements (@TonyClementsTC) 3. April 2021

ESPN when they see their Paul Pierce video….

– Big Perm (@TheBigPerm) April 3, 2021

Paul Pierce trying to get into Espn after his Live Show

– baby gambino (@starchildjr_) April 3, 2021

Paul Pierce as he sits in a buzzer meeting with ESPN tomorrow morning

– Drippy Carver (@mershallwalker) April 3, 2021

Social media and NBA players haven’t been getting along very well lately. Earlier this week it was revealed that Kevin Durant sent multiple messages to actor Michael Rapaport, and the two-time NBA champion was fined $50,000 for his comments.

Pierce could be on the hot seat live right now after his IG, and this probably won’t be the last we hear of this situation. At least you can say the truth had a good time.

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