Patty Jenkins Criticizes Streaming Movies, Says HBO Max Release was “Detrimental” to Wonder Woman 1984

Here’s the latest on Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman 1984, which now has a Release Date at least two years away. After the disappointing critical and commercial response to the first Wonder Woman, Jenkins has now taken aim at streaming movies with this latest tweet.

Patty Jenkins has spoken out against Netflix’s recent strategy of releasing superhero movies every two years. According to the director, streaming is “detrimental” to the long-term success of superhero movies, and thus the video-on-demand service doesn’t do them justice.

Wonder Woman 1984 is the latest project from the director of the first Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins, who spoke with THR recently. The film is one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year, and she had strong feelings about the industry’s focus on streaming movies instead of theatrical releases.. Read more about wonder woman 1984 director and let us know what you think.

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Patty Jenkins, the director of Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, is the latest filmmaker to criticize movie studios’ choice to move to a strategy of day-and-date streaming releases of blockbuster films.

Jenkins discussed Wonder Woman 1984’s HBO Max release last week at CinemaCon, expressing her displeasure with the streaming release, calling it a “very, very, very tough decision” that was “detrimental” to the film.

Jenkins said, “I don’t believe it ever plays the same on streaming.” “I was in serious discussion with Warner Bros about that specific picture, and it was the correct decision for all of us. However, I am not a fan.”

Jenkins went on to repeat other filmmakers who believe that movies are intended to be viewed on the large screen, saying that the theatrical experience should be prioritized over streaming, which has grown oversaturated in recent years

Jenkins said, “I’m OK with folks viewing it a second or third time on their phone,” but “I’m not creating it for that experience.” “I like going to the movies, and I don’t see why we’re talking about sacrificing it for 700 streaming services that have no place in the market.”

“It n’t make sense for studios with multibillion-dollar businesses to toss them out the window in order to compete with Netflix. To me, it’s insane.”

Warner Bros. isn’t the only studio that has dabbled with day-to-day distribution, but it has been the most active. The company stunned the industry when it revealed in December 2020 that it will simultaneously release its full 2021 slate on HBO Max and in cinemas.

Since then, fans of Warner Bros ’ greatest franchises have been able to see films like The Suicide Squad Godzilla vs. Kong, and Space Jam: A New Legacy in the comfort of their own homes on the first day of release. On September 10, Malignant, James Wan’s much awaited return to horror, will be released, followed by Dune on October 22 and The Matrix: Resurrections on December 22.



[…] Jenkins’ message to Hollywood was a wider call for studios and venues to reintroduce large crowds to movie theaters. She urged studios to avoid allowing streaming services to take over categories like adult dramas. She also didn’t spare the theaters, which, in her opinion, frequently fail to live up to CinemaCon’s idealized image of the theatrical experience.

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