Path of Exile Archnemesis Beginner’s Leveling Guide, Tips and Tricks

This beginner’s guide is designed to help newer players get the most out of Path of Exile, whether they are just starting or have been playing for a while.
Topics include: general leveling tips and tricks, efficient item crafting tactics, how to gear up quickly without investing too much into each build-up phase and more!
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Path of Exile is a game that has been around for a while, and it’s also one of the most popular games on the market. The “path of exile beginner guide 2021” is a great place to start for beginners who want to know how to play Path of Exile.

Path-of-Exile-Archnemesis-Beginners-Leveling-Guide-Tips-and-Tricks Beginner’s Leveling Guide for Path of Exile Archnemesis, including Tips and Tricks

This Path of Exile (PoE) 3.17 Path of Exile Archnemesis League Beginner’s Leveling Guide, Tips, and Tricks will be useful for both new and existing Path of Exile (PoE) 3.17 Path of Exile Archnemesis League players who are trying to speed up their leveling in order to reach the endgame maps as quickly as possible.

This article is for Path of Exile on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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Contents of the book

  1. Configuration of the User Interface
  2. Setup for the Early Game
  3. Quests
  4. Management of Inventory
  5. Bandits
  6. Ascension and Lab Trials
  7. Getting the Most Out of It
  8. Useful Websites

Configuration of the User Interface

Path of Exile PoE Synthesis League Beginner

First and foremost, let’s go through some Path of Exile Archnemesis-friendly interface choices. Landscape transparency is quite useful; if you place the map transparency to the right and the landscape transparency to the left on your mini-map, your map will be much simpler to read. You won’t see any of the stuff that you don’t need if you do it this way.

If you wish to view your map better, you may zoom in and out by clicking the plus or minus buttons. I constantly display new sockets, life and mana amounts, and life bars on friends and foes, among other things. Holding the alt button while viewing the Advanced Mode description will reveal the item prefixes and suffixes; this is crucial since each item has up to six affixes.

Path of Exile PoE Synthesis League Beginner

The next step is to utilize mouse button 1 to click move. This is vital since many new players have their default attack set to mouse button 1, which means they’ll mistakenly chat to NPCs while attempting to pass them, resulting in a swift death.

Setup for the Early Game

You should go to the vendor early since there are three items you should strive to purchase in order to level quicker in PoE Archnemesis: Build a mule if you need specific gems. 3 link item (any), movement speed boots, and make a mule if you require certain gems. Vendors will begin selling movement speed boots as soon as you get in town after fighting Hillock, and the goods will reset every few zones, so keep an eye out for them!

A mule character is essential because it allows you to obtain some of the early gems that you will undoubtedly require once you begin rushing in Path of Exile Archnemesis; for example, a witch would not begin with decoy totem (which is extremely useful during the Brutus fight), so you can create a scion character and obtain the gem as soon as you get off the beach and kill Hillock by picking it up as a quest reward or purchasing it from an NPC.

Logging out is an excellent tactic for the Archnemesis league start (and any other league start) since it enables you to save up on portal scrolls, which might be scarce once you start speed leveling and will be used quickly. Quicksilver flask quest, Fairgraves quest, Crab quest, Spider in A2, Voll in A4 and any other comparable situations where the zone entrance is distant from the boss are examples of when logging out is a useful tactic.


When you’re nearing the end of A2, it’s preferable to earn the Crab and Fairgraves skill points since you’ll often already have a second Quicksilver flask and be traveling a lot faster thanks to having a movement skill and a pair of movement speed boots (which is a must at this point, at least 10 percent ).

Many PoE tasks may be skipped, including Fetid Pool, Crypt, Library (which is beneficial if you lack gems), and A Swig of Hope… Many of these tasks may be skipped since the benefits are tiny, such as a rare item (which is usually garbage) or respec points (which you shouldn’t need when leveling). These tasks take a long time to complete, so avoid them if you’re in a hurry to get to the maps.

Management of Inventory

Remember that you may simply build a +1 gem level wand by combining one alteration orb, one blue gem, and a ring of your choosing, such as a sapphire ring, which would result in a +1 cold gem wand.

Path of Exile PoE Synthesis League Beginner

One thing that’s done by a lot of players is that they pick up too much stuff early on which makes Management of Inventory a living hell and it will drain up so much of their time. Try not to pick up everything, if you really have to then only pick up rare items (blue and white are useless, sometimes you should sell them early in the league if you’re low on wisdom scrolls).

Once you reach the endgame maps, Path of Exile becomes bloated with meaningless white and blue stuff. Get a loot filter; I personally use the Semi-Strict Neversink’s loot filter, which I believe to be excellent and which is updated before to each league’s start. You may further customize the treasure filter on the Poe Blade website, including adding unique sounds!

The fastest way to do you Management of Inventory is to sort things while you’re walking, never go back to town unless you have to!


Alira is the ideal bandit for league beginnings (particularly for newbies) since she gives you a bonus % to all of your elemental resistances, which is crucial if you’re undergeared and attempting to speed run. For undergeared characters, getting to A4 and then running several Dried Lakes to catch up on levels and gain nice gear is a smart plan. If the Alira isn’t your favorite bandit, you may respec it for twenty regret orbs and an onyx amulet later.

Ascension and Lab Trials

Path of Exile PoE Synthesis League Beginner

Ascending is also vital; undertake the Normal Lab trials when you’re ready, and make sure you have the best flasks for your current level. Some lab studies are really arduous, so don’t attempt to speed them. You will be allowed to access the corresponding lab when you have finished the lab trials (normal, cruel, merc, uber). Normal Lab trials and the lab itself take around 20 minutes, which isn’t awful considering Normal Lab generally offers you a big boost for your character (whether offensive or defensive, it will help you move quicker and easier), but make sure you’re overleveled for the Cruel, Merciless, and Uber labs.

Getting the Most Out of It

The formula for XP ranges is base level +-3, which means that if you’re a level four, you’ll gain full XP in a level seven zone and full XP in a level one zone if you’re a level four. New players often clear a whole zone in the mistaken belief that it is superior – IT IS NOT. If you’re fast leveling, the most important thing to remember is to remain at least two levels below the zone you’re in. This will optimize your experience gain and allow you to breeze through levels in no time. This formula rises by one every 16 levels, thus once you reach level 16, you will get full XP at levels 20 and 12, and at level 32, it will be 27-37.

Path of Exile PoE Synthesis League BeginnerExample of character level 10 experience gain for zones 1-22.

At the start of the league, Blood Aquaducts are vital because that zone is ideal for a good old grind. Blood Aquaducts is typically the best zone for both leveling and drops; the maximum experience per hour can be obtained with little effort in this zone since enemies are simple (skip the bird boss) and the HUMILITY card is dropped here. A Tabula Rasa – a 6 link body armor that can take you through T10+ maps if your build is excellent – may be obtained by combining a set of Humility cards.

Choose a build that you like to play. Most new players will google “top Archnemesis league beginning build,” and the most common result will be a Totem build. Totems are tremendously powerful, but they’re also exceedingly monotonous to play, causing many to abandon the game before ever reaching the fun part, which occurs about level 60 or so, when things start to speed up and you can one-shot monsters.

Finally, make good use of your time. If you’re in a non-SSF trade league and don’t have any items or capped resistance, your damage is terrible — get some gear. After A5 and before A7 or A8, it’s usually the greatest time to acquire new gear.

Useful Websites

Poe Reddit user TheBoruwek compiled this list.


  • PoE Addon Launcher: (basically a launcher for all other programs)


  • PoE Trade Macro: (Check item pricing in game)

  • (Labyrinth Map based on current layout)

  • (Easy trading, preset answers, and popup of item offers)

  • PoE Trades Companion: (Easy trading, preset answers, and popup of item offers)

  • (Price checking/trading overlay)

  • Trader for PoE: (Yet another trading program)

  • Level Buddy (displays valuable information during leveling)

  • Leveling Overlay by Poe (Shows possible layouts of an area to make levelling faster)

  • Filtration (Use a simple GUI to create your own Item Filter):

  • (Calculates the worth of your tabs in Chaos Orbs)

  • (Play Path of Exile with a controller [Not as nice as the Xbox One version… yet])

  • (Update several popular ItemFilters to latest versions): Filter Bro

  • (Track your net worth maps, gear, and more for you and your group)

  • (Track drops, Exp and Profit in your maps, plus more!)

  • Leveling overlay with zone layouts (PoE Direction Helper):

  • YoloMouse (Make your cursor more noticeable by changing its appearance):

  • (Trade stuff without premium tabs, locate items in your stockpile)

  • (PoE AutoHotkey Macro with a lot of choices)

  • PoE Racing: (Racing companion and overlay)


  • (Hub containing the most of these connections)

  • (the most popular Path of Exile store indexer)

  • (Official Path of Exile Trading Site created by GGG)

  • (Yet another trade site with some additional features) PoE App:

  • (currency/item pricing and graphs from the past)

  • (Current Lab Layouts, Updated Daily)

  • (An easy-to-navigate collection of Path of Exile builds)

  • PoE Build Browser (Another easy-to-navigate collection of Path of Exile builds)

  • (Data-mined information regarding items/gems/skills, etc.)

  • PoEAffix (Path of Exile item affixes): PoEAffix (Path of Exile item affixes): http://poeaffix

  • (Well, it’s Wiki, so you should know what it means): Path of Exile Wiki: of Exile Wiki

  • PoE Planner (Online skill tree planning):

  • (Checklist of all the maps, even some that aren’t on the Atlas)

  • (Customize the NeverSink filter to your desire)

  • (Customize a variety of popular filters to your preference)

  • (Plan your leveling advancement before the league)

  • (Check out archive pricing for things from previous leagues)

  • (Use Path of Building code to construct a leveling road-map)

  • TLDR Exile (a more responsive version of the Path of Exile forum):

  • Mikelat’s Aura Calc (Online Aura Reservation Planner)

Starting in new leagues may be difficult for both new and experienced players, but perhaps our Path of Exile (PoE) Archnemesis 3.17 League Beginner’s Leveling Guide, Tips and Tricks post was useful. Please leave a comment if you have any other questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to level up in Path of Exile?

A: One of the fastest ways to level up in Path of Exile is by farming and killing monsters.

What should I do first in Path of Exile?

A: The first thing you should do is catch a few more rats.

How do I get the most out of Expedition Path of Exile?

A: There are many things to do in the end game content of Path of Exile. The most important thing though is grinding out maps and crafting items that you can use for your build, while also doing all quests possible within your level range.

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