Patch Quest – How to Utilize Patch Pins

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The world’s newest and most popular game has reached a milestone! As of now, there are over 1,000,000 Patch Quest players! At the same time, many new players have also joined the game. The Internet has also been abuzz with people sharing their experiences of playing the game. We’ve also seen plenty of new players asking questions like: How should I utilize patch pins? What benefits do they have? Why should I use them? How do they work? And so on. After seeing so many players asking the same questions, we’ve decided to set up an FAQ to answer them.

Patch Quest is a 2013 indie video game that was released on Steam for Windows and OSX. In this game, the player takes on the role of a fearless hero tasked with saving a fantasy world from destruction by a powerful dragon. The only way to defeat the dragon is to use a magical sword called the Patch Blade. The player must first collect the materials and rare components required to forge the sword before battling the dragon. If the player wins, the world is saved. If the player loses, the world is destroyed.

In this guide, we will cover patch pins in patch quests in detail. Learn how to use in-game patches to explore your surroundings, get perks, pets and more.

Before we begin, we want to inform you that we will also be covering pins, farming and pets in this patch. Without further ado, let’s get to work.

Press the pin

The Pin Press is a tool that is unlocked after completing the first fight in the game (except tutorial fights). Pin reports after overcoming an ambush or defeating an elite piece. However, it will not load when you initiate a meeting, for example. B. if you take +2 bonuses or amulets from shrines. Beating up enemies in the corridors doesn’t fill the claw pressure gauge either.

A pen press can only have one charge at a time, so any good researcher would do well to use his charge on the pen for his next encounter. You can see in which rooms the enemies meet by looking at the map, where the elite fights have an icon on the map. Ambuses, as the name suggests, are not visible on the map, but you can try to spot them by standing at the edge of a corridor and going through this (mental) checklist to see if a room is an ambush or not.


A little clarification on the meaning of all the terms mentioned here:

The shiny pins have a moving reflection that passes over them every few seconds. The star I am talking about can be found when choosing a pin, it is either gold or silver. The gold stars are the new patches and the silver stars are the old ones. The air pins your pets can use are a priority, because you want your pets to reach 5 gold stars as soon as possible. Farming begins after you conquer your first dungeon, and after that there will be a story to go along with it.

Since you obviously have a previous pattern stored or remembered somewhere, we can now assume that you always have a certain number of patch pins available before you need to enter anything, remember this is just an assumption and you can decide where your priorities lie. The procedure is roughly as follows:

Note that this is the optimal way to play (in terms of using the tang pressure). If you want to play more casually, just select a specific activity (like getting new pins) and use the Pin Press charge only when you encounter that scenario (in this case, when you get a gold star on your pin).


Once you’ve conquered your first dungeon, you can place pins in the missing holes of Patchlantis. Here you can plant all the pins you collected during this race. This means you can’t transplant patch pins from previous runs to the current run.

Depending on whether the room is a dungeon or a safe house (in which case the encounter won’t happen), you’ll have to defeat a horde of enemies before you can plant anything. When you do this, a pop-up window will appear where you can place all the pins you have collected.

If you land on one of the planted pennies, you get a farm bonus of 3 places, or 5 if you planted a shiny penny. There are many little things to consider when growing, but here are some general rules:

  • Turrets are generally much more useful than air pins, which give a buff to certain types of monsters.
  • Only place pins that give bonuses to certain types of monsters if those types grow naturally in the area; it’s not recommended for your pets, as they’re not permanently and always available.
  • If the paragraph gives allies, don’t plant them, they are not strong enough to be of sufficient value.
  • If the safety pin gives you a wall/shield, don’t plant it, it will only get in the way.
  • Only plant fruit bushes if you like the variety.
  • The head pins that give you a buff are very strong and even almost super strong, plant them if you can. Also note that monsters can’t use them, which makes them even stronger.

Each badge also gives you bonuses for landing (you can see which badge gives which bonus in the Records tab). This boost is given every time you reach a patch, just like the special buff, so it’s essentially a free boost.

If the pen does anything else, you can decide to plant it yourself, without my help. If you want to know which patch pin gives which termination bonus, select it in the Inputs tab and you’ll get a detailed description of each effect.


I’m only going to talk a little bit about pets here, for more detailed instructions check out the game gear guide. Each badge is linked to a zone. Plant 5 symbols of a specific area in one of your base areas to create a themed area. Each monster loves its own area, and using these themed patches to their advantage is a must, as they give you heart.

Each pin also has 1 to 3 attributes, with each corresponding attribute giving 1/4 heart. Shine grants an extra quarter heart for each corresponding trait. For example, a glitter pin with a corresponding attribute gives half a heart, and the same pin but without the glitter effect gives 1/4 heart. You can find out what attributes your pet likes in the Notes tab, or by getting closer to your pet.

You can also pet your monster to get 1 extra heart, this must be done before each race. For now, just know that every full heart a pet gets gives it a bigger bonus when you summon it as an ally.


So much for this Patch Quest guide. We would like to thank Dumb Knight for creating this detailed guide to the patch quests. Do you have any suggestions to improve this article? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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