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Compared to traditional e-mail software such as Outlook, webmail, such as GMail or Hotmail, offer an important advantage: they can be accessed via a simple Internet browser. You can read your messages, reply to them, or send them wherever you are. Provided, of course, that you have a computer and an internet connection The new version of Yahoo! Mail has many advantages: its inbox, now unlimited in size, no longer requires you to clean regularly. The messaging interface has also been made more user-friendly and comfortable, since you can choose the color, drag and drop messages, sort them by date, size, subject, or sender, just like a regular email program. You can even receive an alert when your friends are online via Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, and chat live with them! To take advantage of all this, you need to create a Yahoo! account. If you already use a courier service? AOL, Caramail, Neuf, GMail, Hotmail, La Poste, Orange, or Voilà? the migration is simplified; you can import the list of all your contacts and messages into your Yahoo! mailbox. Mail. You also have the possibility to manage messages from an external POP account. This option is very practical and allows you to send or receive, from Yahoo! Mail, e-mails from other couriers? for example, Free. Last trump card: Yahoo! Mail is free. There’s nothing stopping you from trying it!

1. Create an account

Launch your web browser and open In the right part of the site, click on the link Create a free email (see screen). Then click on I register! of zone New on Yahoo! Then fill in the personal information requested. Choose, from the list, the username you want for your e-mail address (this will be of the type [email protected]). Choose a complex password. Then enter another e-mail address: you will receive your password in case you forget it. For the same reasons, also choose a secret question, and specify your answer. Then copy the code displayed in the image, and check the box Do you accept ? Finally click on the button I accept and create my account. The following page summarizes your Yahoo! account information. Feel free to print it out. Then click on the button Continue, and then on the button Yes. You are in your mail interface.

2. Update your browser

Warning: you may receive a message warning you that your PC is not compatible with Yahoo! Mail. Especially if you use Firefox 2.0 (you need version!). Don’t panic : click on the link You really want to test… (see screen). On the page that appears, click on the link to download the latest version of your browser and then run the installer once it has been imported into your system.

3. Identify yourself

The Yahoo! mailbox is in the form of a webmail. So you can access your box from any microphone. In your web browser, go to Click on the link Login. Enter your username and password, then click the Login button (see screen). Then click on the Mail button to access your mailbox. You will then see the general interface of Yahoo! Mail. At the first use, a small animation briefly introduces you to the features of Yahoo! Mail. Note that the connection is secure. If you connect from the outside? from an Internet cafe or hotel, for example, don’t forget to log out when you’re done. To do this, simply click on the link Logout.

4. Manage your messages

Once it goes to voicemail, Yahoo! Mail informs you of the messages you have received. To access it, click the Inbox tab. You can then manage your messages as if you were in a Windows-based program, such as Outlook Express. Click on a message to display it in the (see screenshot), viewing frame and double-click on it to open it. To delete it, simply press the Delete key. To write a new message, click the Write button. You can organize your messages into folders. Start by creating a new folder. To do this, right-click on the Inbox folder in the left pane, and choose the New Folder command. Give a name to folder (see screen). To place a message in a folder, drag it from the center pane to that folder. In any folder in Inbox, you can sort your messages according to several criteria (sender, subject, send/receive date, size). To do this, click on the header of the corresponding column. A second click in the same column reverses the sort order.

5. Get your address book from another webmail

You are currently using another messaging service, and you want to retrieve your list of all your contacts and messages and enter them into Yahoo! Mail? This is possible if your current mailbox is one of the following: AOL, Caramail, New, GMail, Hotmail, La Poste, Orange, Voilà, or Wanadoo. In the general interface of Yahoo! Mail, click on the menu Options, and then on Import contacts. Then enter your old e-mail address and password. Enter your new email address (which you just created in Yahoo!) and your password. By default, messages and contacts will be forwarded. Check the box Send a message to all your contacts (see screen). This way, all your contacts will automatically receive a message telling them your new e-mail address. Finally, tick box Please read the terms of use of the service… and click on the Validate button. Your messages and address book will then be transferred within 24 hours.

6. … or a conventional mailbox

If you use email software on your computer? for example, Outlook Express or Thunderbird?, your address book and messages are stored on your hard drive However, you can retrieve your address book from Yahoo! Mail. To do this, open your email software and export this data in CVS format. With Outlook Express, for example, you need to open the address book, pull down the menu File, Export, Other Address Book, and then choose the format Text File (comma separated values) (see screen). Then, in the general interface of Yahoo! Mail, click on the Account Info link.Re-enter your password, and click the Login button. In the Optionsbox, click the Address Booklink. Then click on Import/Export. Then click the Browse button, and select the CVS file, which contains your contacts. Finally, click on the Import Now button (see screen).

7. Receive messages from another account

If you have a POP account, you can retrieve, read, and write your e-mails directly from Yahoo! Mail. Click on the Account Info link. Re-enter your password and click the Login button. In the Optionsbox, click the Mail link. Then click on the link Mail accounts, then on the button Add. Enter the name of the account, then click the Continue button. Then enter your name and the email address of the account you want to recover. Click Continue. Enter the information needed to log in to this account: mail server username, and password. Choose a color that will be used to identify messages from this account. Finally, click on the Configure mail server button (see screen). Then click on the button Send verification: an e-mail is sent to the address you want to track with Yahoo! Click on the link contained in the e-mail. You will then receive messages from this account directly into Yahoo! Mail.

8. Customize the interface

You can customize the interface by choosing a color theme and resizing the mailbox columns at will. In the general interface of Yahoo! Mail, click on the link Options, and then on Colors. Then choose the color theme to use. You can also resize the different frames of the window. To increase the width of the folder and contact list, for example, click on the bar separating this column from the middle column, and move it to the right (see screenshot). You can also recover space on the right by hiding the advertising column. To do this, click the Hide Ads arrow.

9. Chat instantly with your friends

Your contacts use Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo! ? You can be notified when they are online and chat with them in real time. In Yahoo! Mail, click on the Contacts link in the left pane. Click on the name of the person you wish to chat with. If it is not in your address book, add it by clicking the Add button. Otherwise, click the Edit button. In the Instant Messaging field, enter your correspondent’s Yahoo! or Windows Live ID in the appropriate field. Make sure the I want to display this contact in my online contact list is checked, and click the Save button. You are now notified when one of your friends is online (see screen). To chat with him, click on his name in the online area. A new tab appears. Enter your message, then click the Send button. The conversation then starts (see screen). You can change your status at any time by scrolling down the My Messenger Status, list located to the right of your name. Select, for example, Busy to tell your friends that you want to be left alone (see screen). Choose the option My Custom Status to enter a message that your callers will see next to your name.




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