Paris Saint Germain to Open Global Flagship Store in NYC

Paris Saint Germain has opened a global flagship store in New York City The new location will serve as the French soccer club’s main foothold on U.S. soil and includes two floors of retail, members-only lounges, an exclusive fashion boutique and even its own restaurant.,

The “587 5th ave new york, ny” is the address of the Paris Saint Germain’s new store in New York City The store will open on September 25th.

After 10 years of traveling the United States Paris Saint-Germain will open its first East Coast flagship shop in New York City The brand-new flagship shop will be the first-ever official boutique for an international sports club in New York City, situated at 587 Fifth Avenue.

The shop will be opened and operated by Lids. The club’s breakthrough international merchandising partnership with Fanatics, announced in 2020, includes this opening. It marks a new milestone in the expansion of Paris Saint-international Germain, after the successful establishment of its first US shop in Los Angeles in collaboration with Fanatics and Lids a year ago. PSG’s official boutique in New York will be the Club’s largest store outside of France, and it will be the latest addition to the Club’s growing international retail network, which already includes three boutiques in Japan (two in Tokyo and one in Nagoya), one in Seoul, South Korea and two in Doha, Qatar.

This one-stop store for Paris Saint-Germain fans in New York City and throughout the globe will include a customisation station, which is a signature feature of many Lids retail locations and allows fans to further customize their Paris Saint-Germain goods on-site. The new shop will provide a comprehensive range of team jerseys, headgear, and accessories, including a complete line of Nike and Jordan team apparel, one-of-a-kind collabs, fashion collections, and Paris Saint-Germain designs inspired by New York that will be available only at the new site. Collectibles such as unique autographed game and non-game jerseys, as well as other club memorabilia, will be on sale.

“Paris Saint-Germain is leading the way once again by opening a flagship shop in the heart of New York City, one of the world’s most famous intersections of sports, culture, and fashion,” said Zohar Ravid, Senior Vice-President and Head of Global Corporate Development at Fanatics. “We are happy to once again link up with our colleagues at Lids to grow the club’s worldwide retail presence in an important foreign market and assist the club on its mission to become one of the world’s most culturally relevant sports teams and brands.”

“With Paris Saint-Germain and their flagship store launching in New York City, we are excited to introduce an internationally known team and brand,” said Lawrence Berger, Co-Founder and Partner at Ames Watson and Chairman of FanzzLids Holdings, which owns Lids. “This is an exciting time for Lids and Paris Saint-Germain fans since they now have an exclusive spot to shop for the newest designs as well as the chance to personalize products in-store,” says the company.

“The evolution of the Paris Saint-Germain brand over the previous ten years is genuinely unique.” Being the first sports team to launch an official shop in New York City is a significant step in cementing the Club’s position as one of the world’s most recognizable sports brands.” Fabien Allègre, Paris Saint-Brand Germain’s Director, said. “We’re excited to partner with Fanatics to strengthen our footprint in North America, and to have a Lids retail professional manage the shop.” On Social Media the Club is currently the fourth most popular sports team in the world, and our global fan base, particularly in the United States is rapidly expanding. Every day, our team is followed by over 160 million people. New York represents the peak of that expansion. We are looking forward to welcoming Paris Saint-Germain fans from all around the globe to this new shop event and to be a part of this unique endeavor.”  

In celebration of the inauguration, Paris Saint-Germain and Fly Nowhere, a NYC-based boutique creative agency, have launched a unique effort to create special projects and collaboration items. Co-branded product releases will be inspired by local characteristics in commemoration of PSG’s debut in New York. Only the PSG flagship shops in New York and Paris will be able to purchase these things.

To mark this historic milestone, Lids and Paris Saint-Germain will organize a grand opening ceremony for the shop on Friday, March 18th.

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