Paris Saint Germain, Launches Its Own Cryptomonnaie

Rumour had already been circulating for some time, at the end of 2018, the Paris football club, Paris Saint Germain, wanted to launch its own cryptomonnaie. The rumour has now been spread that the club from the capital now has an official cryptomonnaie for its fans.

A cryptomony for a football club? But to what end?

The goal is simple: to involve the fan more in the life of the club. Indeed, today it is difficult for a football fan to make a concrete contribution to the life of his favourite club. Launched with the slogan “Be more than a fan and be rewarded“, this innovative system is actually a tool for the club to provide a new experience for its fans. By holding cryptomonnages of the said club, the supporter has several advantages and can participate in certain decisions. The club is free to use this tool as it wishes and to leave more or less decision-making power to its fans.

In partnership with Socios & Chiliz

“ will have a significant impact on the Club’s overall business strategy and the way we interact with our fans. “Marc Armstrong, Director of Partnerships at Paris Saint Germain

The release of this cryptomonnaie was made possible thanks to the partnership that the PSG has formed with Socios, a company founded by the Frenchman Alexandre Dreyfus (also founder of the online betting platform Winamax). Socios is a mobile application based on the Chiliz blockchain from which club tokens are issued. Socios and Chiliz have specialised in the development of blockchain solutions for sports and gaming clubs. Youtubeur Hasheur had made a video presenting this project.

How do you get his cryptomonnages?

The first step is to download the “Socios” application, this is where the interaction between the supporter, the club and the cryptomonnaie takes place. The application is already available on Android and Google Play it will be released soon on IOS. Then, there are three ways to obtain this famous cryptomony: buy it, earn it or hunt it.

  • You can easily buy them directly from the application with your credit card (2€ each).
  • The more you interact, the more you will be rewarded.
  • While hunting, thanks to a system similar to pokemon go, you can collect tokens for free on the street.

Cryptonics conquers Europe’s big football clubs

The PSG is not the only club to launch its cryptomony. Indeed, the Socios solution has already won over many football clubs in Europe. Among them are emblematic clubs such as Juventus Turin, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus, AS Roma, Athletico Madrid, Galatasaray (Istanbul, Turkey) and West Ham (London, England). So here are the first steps of the blockchain and cryptomonnages in the world of football. There is every reason to believe that these technologies will play an important role in the sport sector in the years to come. Other themes are currently being studied, in early 2020, the Florence club, Fiorentina where Franck Ribery plays, announced that it would use the blockchain of to certify its jerseys. Each jersey has been equipped with a dedicated chip and has been associated with an immutable code to certify authenticity. The aim here is to combat counterfeiting.





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