Pace Of COVID Vaccinations In LA Way Behind Planned Schedule –

ANGELES, CBSLA – Mayor Eric Garcetti said Thursday that at the current pace of coronavirus vaccination, the city of Los Angeles will not be able to vaccinate all health care workers and the elderly by summer.

According to the city’s vaccination schedule, only people in categories 1A and 1B can be vaccinated at this time. This includes caregivers, staff and residents of specialized nursing homes and long-term care facilities, as well as LOS ANGELES County residents age 65 and older.

People stay in their cars at the Inglewood Forum for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines on the 19th. January 2021. (Al Seib/LOS ANGELES Times/Getty Images)

Mr. Garcetti said that if vaccination continues at its current pace, the city may not begin vaccinating people until June, for example, B. education and child care workers, food and agricultural workers, and people in jail.

According to the website, the city originally planned to move to the next phase in February.

Right now, demand far exceeds the supply of vaccines, Mr. Garcetti said at a briefing on Thursday. We’re still waiting for the dose.

Garcetti said he hopes vaccine manufacturers will speed up production in the coming days under the new Biden administration, and that more companies will get emergency approval to increase their inventories.

The mayor is also lobbying for the federal government to send vaccines directly to cities and counties. He hopes that the introduction of the coronavirus vaccine into the arms will give a boost to this initiative.

We know we’re going to get more vaccine, so we’re not going to go at this pace for a long time Garcetti added. Regardless of the pace, we will continue to increase the number of people who are currently vaccinated.

Delays in the release of vaccines, combined with an increase in the number of cases are causing anxiety and frustration among those admitted to local hospitals, especially pregnant women and their partners.

I’ve seen grown men cry, says Aichi Ali, an obstetrician at a Los Angeles hospital. It’s very frustrating.

Ali said that more and more mothers are separating from their partners in the postpartum period because of VIDOC-19.

In the meantime, they won’t have a partner to help them or share those happy memories, Ali said.

According to Ali, pregnant women from all socioeconomic backgrounds are at risk and most of these new mothers are unaware that they must be separated from their partners before delivery.

The continued increase in morbidity in hospitals is creating a demand for large-scale vaccinations, such as the one at Dodger Stadium. However, Los Angeles health officials said Thursday that the seven-day average of new cases fell 30 percent between last week and this week. Hospital admissions are also down 7% this week from last Thursday.

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