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5 May 2022

  • Bonagura, Kyle


    Former-USC-football-assistant-Todd-McNair-NCAA-settle-defamation-lawsuitESPN Contributor

    • The Pac-12 is covered.
    • In 2014, he joined ESPN.
    • Washington State University was her alma mater.
  • Uggetti, Paolo

Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned and what we still need to learn for each Pac-12 club now that spring football is over and another season is only four months away.

What is the status of the USC offense under Lincoln Riley? In the autumn, how will Oregon’s defense come together? Who will start as quarterback for Washington? We dissect everything.

Division North


What we learned this spring: Since December, when Jack Plummer announced his transfer from Purdue to Cal, he has been considered the likely successor for Chase Garbers (who signed with the Las Vegas Raiders as an undrafted free agent). Plummer’s accuracy and mastery of the offense impressed Cal’s coaching staff during spring, mainly confirming that theory. He hasn’t been designated the starter yet, but it looks like he will be soon.

What we need to know before Week 1: This won’t be addressed in Week 1, but Cal’s success will be determined in large part by how effectively it plays on offense. The defense is expected to be among the best in the Pac-12, so even if the offense is just average, Cal will have a successful season. Since 2009, the Bears have not had a winning conference record.


What we learned this spring: Coach Dan Lanning’s hiring signaled a desire to dominate on defense and continue recruiting at a high level, but the Ducks’ evolution under offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham is probably more intriguing. For reasons obvious to anyone who has followed college football for more than 10 minutes, it’s foolish to put much stock in a spring game, but the Ducks offense — led by new quarterback Bo Nix and likely backup Jay Butterfield — provided plenty of reasons to be excited about what’s to come on that side.

What we need to know before Week 1: On defense, injury difficulties hindered a number of important players from receiving the necessary repetitions, particularly given the coaching change. That would have been a problem regardless of the schedule, but with the Ducks facing Lanning’s previous club, reigning national champion Georgia, it becomes much more so. It’s not exactly a game with a lot of room for mistake when it comes to ironing out the wrinkles.


What we learnt this spring: During the 2021 season, Trent Bray’s extraordinary climb from position coach to interim DC to regular DC in little over a month made this a crucial spring for him. It’s difficult to make major adjustments in the middle of the season, so this was Bray’s opportunity to chart his own path. Early results are encouraging. There may not be a significant change in terms of structure, but Bray claims he will be more aggressive.

What we need to know before Week 1: Until proved otherwise, the receiving corps’ lack of experience will be a concern, but Silas Bolden, the brother of Oregon State legend Victor Bolden, gave cause for hope in the Beavers’

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