Ozd has actually been looking for his awesome hopelessly for years

If we have a look at function movies made around the modification of routine, we see that there are plenty of movies that are honestly worried about the shift. The previous system has actually been greatly slammed in several of the significant movies of the eighties – Quits from Time to Blade – and also after 1990, we have no really sharpest movies regarding the busiest duration in background. Maybe as a result of the absence of a large, human style that can have represented what is occurring in Hungary.

The scenario is various with docudramas. In the years bordering the modification of routine, movies still referenced to day are the recommendations to the criminal offenses of the Rákosi tyranny (Goulash bros: Without disobedience), the Great Imre test (Judit Ash: Unique Hungarian grieving), or the terrible day of András: Fell Short). We remain in an outstanding historic minute. The second World War survivors, those wounded in the Rákosi and also Kádár routines can and also do talk: they are no more bound by obligatory silence since they are splitting main control, yet they still feel it is required to respond to inquiries from filmmakers and also reporters since attention is major – this depend on will progressively vanish over the following years.

Tamás Almási started recording in Ozd in April 1987, after a couple of months previously at the Miskolc TELEVISION Movie Celebration, the event assistant of Borsod Region recommended that if the movie ‘ s social level of sensitivity was high sufficient, after that what would certainly be carried out in Ozd and also Diósgyőr, – within 2 years, hundreds of individuals will certainly shed their work. Once more, this was stated by the initial region assistant at the end of 1986, which reveals what has actually ended up being of political technique already.

Ultimately, Almási shot consistently in Ózd for 10 years, up until 1997, after that went back to the city after signing up with the European Union to see if they still had hope. A total amount of 9 movies were made in the Ózd collection, and also Almási and also his cinematographers (consisting of Tamás Sas and also Nyika Jancsó) fired a lot of the product in 1987 and also1992 The finished collection is an unfortunate failing tale: not simply the tale of the damage of a manufacturing facility and also a city (“The story of Ozd is the story of a factory,” one audio speaker states), yet a chronicle of the collapse of existing socialism.

We possess the manufacturing facility, we construct it for ourselves

The initial movie, In Capture, starts with scenes of a publicity press reporter from the fifties. From the manufacturing record we discover that comics were meant as the commercial facility of Central and also Eastern Europe in Ozd. Obviously, throughout the 3 years of etude, we do not listen to a word that by the end of the eighties, the Ozd Metallurgical Functions were necessarily obsoleted, with costly and also obsolete equipment, and also way too many employees contrasted to manufacturing quantities.

Almási ‘ s video of the May 1987 discovery currently discloses the large depend on Ozd: while the manufacturing facility head of state and also Chief Executive Officer Sándor Pethes, is murmuring with his staffs, “he has to work in a planned manner,” states that over the last couple of years, they have actually been making $ 8 billion in losses and also there is no indicator that the plant will certainly be much more lucrative in the future.

The Ózd collection can additionally be viewed as a monolith to fantastic assurances and also a feeling of obligation.

The OKU employees were guaranteed health and also chances for social improvement. “We believed we had a factory to build for ourselves,” somebody states. The fact, on the other hand, was that by the eighties, employees can have eliminated obtaining one to 2, currently helping their everyday living. Around the moment of the modification of routine, nobody clarified to them why reconstruction was required, why an increasing number of individuals were being dismissed, and also why the different systems of the manufacturing facility needed to be shut. It is amongst the filthy pulls of the monitoring that for months the uploaded employees have actually been paid 80 percent of their incomes to maintain them from murmuring. Basically, they have actually been pre-empting welfare to stop union motions and also maintain as numerous as feasible thinking that their work will certainly not discontinue, they are just compelled remainder.

János Petrenkó (component of the movie)

Replaced Pethes is changed by Ernő Lotz, that, according to the movies, is a smooth-headed, technocratic entrepreneur, a significantly horrible number. After the modification of routine, Lotz would certainly work with the Hungarian state and also a German firm to conserve the manufacturing facility and also its very own supervisory placement, while János Petrenkó, a business owner from Ozd, acquired a tiny device of the OKU, the harsh mill. Both have to do with different assumptions of both, and also regarding exactly how both people truly battle in sharper scenes, yet completion outcome coincides: German company stops working and also Pekó Steel Functions declares bankruptcy after 5 years of procedure. Petrenko ‘ s drop is larger than Lotz ‘ s, revealing the cam that the sheriff has actually taken his furnishings, yet hundreds of employees drop much above both of them.

A city is trying to find its awesome

At the end of the eighties, Almási ended up being familiarized with several of the staff members of the OKU, that he consistently checked out in the adhering to years. They provide a human face to the misfortune of Ozd, in the feeling that throughout 10 years of recording, at the very least they are twenty years of ages. István András is a common employee in Ózd: after the OKU was deactivated, he began operating at Pekó Steel Functions, and also after he declared bankruptcy, he mosted likely to a town in your area since there was no operate in Ózd. The lead character of “Steel Staples” is Katalin Morvai, that additionally relocates from Ozd at the end of the movie since she thinks that neither her kid neither her kid would certainly obtain a work in the city.

An even more unique placement is the product inspector Ferenc Seffer, that, following his obligatory retired life, starts his initial cost-free metropolitan political election and also was chosen mayor of Ozd in1990 He invests one and also a fifty percent years in workplace and after that surrenders – he states he couldn ‘ t aid the city, neither did he withstand an unstoppable decrease. In a later film, as a retired old male from Ózd, he speaks about rising early in the early morning and also obtaining whatever done by 10 am that day. She is anticipating her kid to call her and also inform her regarding her granddaughter. His days are long, he grumbles.

István Horkai is one of the most awful destiny. In the initial movie, the roller-coaster still consults with a twinkle in his eyes that he has a yearning for residence when he mosts likely to a nearby community, and also he absolutely won ‘ t leave Ozd there. Not to leave it there: after the Pekó goes away, it progressively dives right into much deeper clinical depression. When Almási returns in 1997 to visit the film Helpless, which sums up the tale of Ozd, Horkai is no more active. She devoted self-destruction. Her widow sobbing informs us that she has actually mosted likely to the yard chamber a whole lot in the recentlies to sob.

István Horkai

We see individuals whose job and also life were indivisible from the background of Ozd, the manufacturing facility. “I’m more at the factory than my wife,” Horkai states in the initial film.

There is just the fantastic silence and also the fantastic irons

– responses a couple of years later on Katalin Morvai. Almási reduces the photos of significant corroded devices and also deteriorating manufacturing facility structures, specifically.

We look an increasing number of at these quiet, significant blocks than at any kind of sacrificial church that requires blood, sweat, lives, yet returns absolutely nothing.

This is an extremely unusual impact of Almási ‘ s movies: we check out the very same wall surfaces yet their definitions are richer and also their visibility progressively harmful. We make the wall surfaces liable, despite the fact that there are just individuals, they are liable, yet they are no place to be discovered. “A city is looking for its killer,” created György Simó after his intro to The Vulnerable in the Movie Globe.

Completion of uniformity

In the initial a century, the seniors keep in mind the really remarkable past of Ozd, the procedure of the Rima-Murány-Salgó-Tarján Ironworks, the firm that aided the city to create quickly around the millenium, consisting of an interior pool in1905 employees. The decrease in the analyses of the audio speakers started with The second world war since throughout and also after the battle it was no more skill that selected the placement in the manufacturing facility, yet on the beginning and also political links. Obviously, the manufacturing facility succeeded in the fifties and also sixties, when they had the ability to export product to the nations of the Eastern Bloc, yet Almási ‘ s movies reveal that that duration was currently the start of decrease.

The symbolic website of the ‘ nation of iron and also steel ‘ has lawfully end up being a symbolic room for the exploitation and also embarrassment of employees.

Each episode of the Ozd collection can be tremendously distressed and also saddening for the audience, yet possibly one of the most dismaying movie is not the one that repeats. This is the Meddo presented in1995 The title describes the area of the damaged manufacturing facility structures, the significant trash dump in which daily Ozd individuals clamber for iron scraps that had nothing else opportunity of generating income. Obviously, they do this unlawfully, so occasionally they are taken, created and also launched. They ‘ ll return the following day.

The Balogh Household (fragment from the Barrels)

The majority of the guvs are Roma. Currently among the audio speakers in the Clampdown is leading, remarkably greatly, exactly how the manufacturing facility closure will certainly intensify ethnic stress in the city. We see his forecast in the Barracks as we see a Gypsy household, the Baloghs, being forced out since they are signed up as volunteers. It is surprising to view the authorities that perform the expulsion and also to get to the factor where uniformity discontinues.

Incorrect focus and also holiness, authoritarianism and also daily bigotry show up in scenes that lack overestimation among the best minutes in Hungarian movie background. In a couple of mins the Hungarian reality enlarges.

At the end of Helpless, Ferenc Seffer states he would certainly such as a filmmaker to find back in 10 years, that, as a result of the favorable modifications he has actually experienced, will certainly no more think what took place previously in Ozd. Twenty years, twenty-five have actually passed considering that, yet we still think it. Possibly in a a century it will certainly be various.

Films from the Ózd collection

The Ózd collection did not show up on Video Clip or DVD, and also some components were revealed on movie and also on tv back then. Film clubs sometimes evaluate some motion pictures, Trimming mindful information on YouTube, yet is still unattainable throughout the collection.

Movies of the collection: In limited (1987), The initial a century (1988), Slow-moving movement (1991), Our manufacturing facility 1-2. (1993), Steel Clamp (1994), Barrel (1995), Petrenko (1995), Inertia (1998), Our Little Europe (2006)

Included picture: Vajda János/ MTI

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