Overwatch Experimental Patch Notes March 2021

recently released the experimental patch notes for Overwatch for March 2021. Many changes have been made in the OverWatch patch notes, and some pro gamers are deciding which ones will be rolled out in the final patch. You can check out the official Overwatch Experimental patch notes for March 2021 below, take a look.

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Lots of new nerfs, buffs, and other changes coming to Overwatch. Most heroes have received improvements and changes based on these fixes, and some heroes have not been updated. As for the changes: Ana can now use Nano Boost on herself, Wrecking Ball’s adaptive shields recharge the player’s ultimate when the user shoots at it, and Sombra has gained much more cooldown in her abilities.

According to some users, these changes are controversial in the gaming community. According to a post on the official Blizzard forums, a user said that these changes are only meant to benefit all the big players, and that these changes will not benefit many users. A user then stated that Sombra and Wrecking Ball had been nerfed, which is not good and has become unusable for all purposes.

But the best part of these changes, in our opinion, is that these changes will only apply to the experimental Overwatch map and none of these changes will affect the traditional modes available in the game.

The official Overwatch Experimental patch notes for March 2021 can be found below, take a look.

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Here are the full Overwatch Experimental patch notes, check them out :


Biotic rifle.

  • Ammunition has been increased from 12 to 14.

Nano Boost

  • Now you can use it on yourself

Widow or widower

A poisonous mine

  • The range is extensive
  • Extended duration


  • No changes have been made.


Wave of shocks

  • Minimum damage has been increased from 30 to 35.



  • Now the Guardian Angel resets on every last hit.


Shadow stage

  • The volume has been turned down and some of the vocal lines have been removed.

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  • Damage reduced to 18 DP/s (100 to 90 total).



  • Increase cooling to 7.


  • The casting time increased by 0.5 (1.15).
  • The run-in time has been increased from 5 to 6 seconds.

Bullet tables

  • The character model has been changed/removed by Hitbox.

four strikes

  • Ammunition has been reduced to 70.

Adaptive shields

  • This gives the opponent a final charge.


  • Cooling raised to 6/7.


Expected barrier

  • The range is increased by (about 3-4 meters).


Breathe in.

  • This cancels out the time of death.

Soldier: 76

Helix missiles

  • It now has a charge level of 2 (2nd charge received).
  • Damage reduced to 80.
  • Self-destruction is also reduced, but not specified.

Tactical visor

  • Increased range.

Experimental patch notes for March 2021: Other changes in Helden


General Information

  • Health has increased by 25.


  • The charging time has been extended.


General Information

  • Health changed to 350/165.


  • There’s no change.


regenerative explosion

  • Ellie’s recovery has deteriorated.

The field of immortality

  • The health cap has been lowered from 20% to 1 health.



  • The speed is increased in the active state.


Dragon’s Strike

  • The compensation has been increased.
  • The projection speed has been increased.
  • The location of the dragon throw has been reduced (dragons now throw near the hanzo).

For example, there was talk of Overwatch’s experimental patch notes for March 2021.

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I hope you enjoy our approach in the experimental Overwatch patch notes for March 2021.

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frequently asked questions

Supervision is dead 2020?

Short answer: Not necessary. As games age, they often lose players. … Overwatch is undeniably losing popularity, but it’s still one of the biggest names in esports and gaming in general. It’s still a game that many people play, even if it’s just to get their lootboxes for the week.

When will the new night update be released?

UPDATE : Today’s Overwatch update is expected to come out on the 19th. May 2020 at 19:00 GMT. This will be one release date for all platforms including PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Is Overwatch 2020 worth it?

I think it is. If you like PvE (probably mostly team-based) and are willing to wait at least a year, you can wait for Overwatch 2. But it’s very active and fun with the fringe groups. I recommend you check it out, it’s a game I love.

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