Overwatch 2 Zenyatta guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

Zenyatta, one of Overwatch’s most popular heroes is back in the Summer Games. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Zenyatta and his new kit for this season

The “zenyatta guide 2022 ” is a guide that offers tips, strategies, counters and more to help players improve their game.

The Omnic Crisis has two sides in the Overwatch world. On one one, there are some who do not trust robotic life, and on the other, there are others who are working for a better omnic existence. Zenyatta is a member of the Shambali, a group of omnic monks who promote peace and harmony between the two sides. Zenny has little trouble neutralizing foes on the battlefield when this is the case. In Overwatch 2, here’s how to play as Zenyatta, the Support character.

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All of Zenyatta’s skills

  • Passives
    • Zenyatta, like other Support heroes, regenerates health after a few seconds.
    • Zenyatta’s kicking melee has also been given more knockback to help keep opponents away of your face.
  • The Healing Orb (Ability 1)
    • Tosses an orb that adheres to a buddy and heals them gradually. If they are blocked for a few seconds, they will return to you.
  • Discord’s Orb (Ability 2)
    • An orb is thrown that adheres to an adversary and amplifies their damage. If they are blocked for a few seconds, they will return to you.
  • enlightenment (Ultimate)
    • Creates a healing circle surrounding Zenyatta that heals teammates swiftly and protects you from damage for the duration.

There are two shooting modes in Zenyatta. For additional precision, his main fire makes him hurl one of his orbs at a time. The secondary fire gradually charges up to five of his orbs, which then shoot forward one by one in a rapid-fire strike.

Zenyatta: How to Play

While Zenyatta is the slowest healer in the game, your main priority should be to keep your Orb of Healing on a teammate at all times. Even if you’re far away, you may ensure that your teammates get some healing that is steady throughout the battle. The only drawback is that you can only cure one person at a time, so make sure you give it to people who really need it. You can always see which teammate and adversary your orbs are on, as well as their current health status.

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Similarly, if you spot an adversary, you should use your Orb of Discord. You want it on whomever your team’s initial target is, whether it’s a Tank or DPS who just joined your group or a Support who you’re all targeting.

Zenyatta should constantly be on your team’s backside. For anybody who can hit their bullets, he has decent damage, but no mobility to get away from danger, and only his melee can offer him room when an attacker leaps on him. You could utilize Transcendence to escape away from danger, but you’d be squandering your Ultimate at that point. Otherwise, you must kill any attackers or hope that a teammate will assist you when they dive on you.

There are two occasions when you should use Transcendence. One is when your team is being hammered by the opposition, either because they’re utilizing a lot of Ultimates or because a battle is starting to go bad. Another instance is when you want to start a fight. You can’t toss orbs while your Ultimate is active, so having them ready ahead of time to aid even more.

Zenyatta needs good teammates to play with.

Zenyatta prefers heroes who start conflicts or who are eager to assist him on the rear lines. Tracer, Genji, D.Va, Winston, Reaper, Wrecking Ball, Lucio, Reinhardt, or Briggite are all heroes capable of completing all sides of such tasks. First, focus your Healing Orb on them.

Who to counter with Zenyatta and all countermeasures

Zenyatta, as previously said, dislikes having foes in his face. Tracer, Genji, and Sombra will be his greatest adversaries. Reaper, Winston, and D.Va can all easily pounce on him, but with Orb of Discord and staying with your friends, that’s usually a death wish for those characters. Long-range heroes like Widowmaker, Hanzo, Sojourn, Pharah, Cassidy, and Soldier: 76 have an easier time striking him now that they have less shields to protect them, so be more conscious of the terrain you may employ for protection.

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Larger targets with which you can hit your bullets are the ideal foes to utilize Zenyatta against. Of course, anybody in the Tank class is vulnerable, but Reaper, Cassidy, Ana, Hanzo, and Torbjorn are all more vulnerable. The key with him is to never take on foes alone unless absolutely necessary.

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