Outriders: How To Get All Legendary Armor Sets

legendary armor in Outriders is the best you can get. These armor sets give you passive buffs, and obtaining these armors is a testament to your skills and hard work in the game. Each class has a different set of legendary armor that you can use, but before you can use them, you need to know how to unlock legendary armor in Outriders. Be sure to read the rest of this article to learn more.

How to get legendary armor for outsiders

Legendary armor in Outriders can be obtained by defeating bosses and higher ranked enemies in the game. The higher the difficulty, the more likely you are to get a legendary armor in the game. Enemies like the captain or other above average enemies have a higher percentage of this type of loot, so watch out in boss fights if you need new armor.

To get legendary armor sets in Riders, you must defeat enemies of a higher rank and play on a higher difficulty level.

However, you can always skip the final boss fight by increasing the difficulty in the world. This allows you to get better weapons and equipment, including armor and legendary weapons. Farming with this equipment can be a little tricky, but it’s the only way.

You can also order a set of legendary armor from a local vendor. Each armor set has 5 pieces needed to complete it. If you have all 5 coins, the set is complete and you can get matching bonuses for bonuses or passive bonuses.

Below is the percentage increase in world level and drop rate for legendary armor in Outriders:

World Level 1
Difficulty : History
Percentage increase in high school dropout rate : 0

World level 2
difficulty : Simple percentage increase in rejection rate
: 30%

World level 3
difficulty : Normal
Percentage increase in rejection rate : 70%

World level 4
difficulty : Hard
Percentage increase in fall rate : 130%

World level 5
difficulty : Expert
Percentage increase in fall rate : 215%

World level 6
Difficulty level : Master
Percentage increase in fall rate : 285%

Each class has different legendary armors that they can obtain in the game. Below are all the legendary armors for each individual class in Outriders:

Best Legendary Destroyer Armor:

Seismic commander’s armor set: Enemies with the bleeding state take an additional 150% damage.

Set of harnesses for statues : By using abilities like Golem or Tremor, you can double the firepower and increase the weapon capabilities of your teammates and leeches.

Deadly armor: This could reduce Boulderdash’s hypothermia by 90%.

A set of Marshall’s armor: The Infinite Mass ability collects enemies and deals damage all at once.

Best legendary armor for Pyromancer:

A set of martyr’s armor: Volcanic projectiles now triple in size and do damage in the area where the aura surrounds each projectile.

Lava Leach armor set: Increases Eruption’s damage and shortens cooldown.

A set of converted armor: Abilities such as Flame Feed and Thermal Bomb deal 50% more damage.

Akari’s armor: Each damaged enemy grants a 25% Energy Anomaly bonus for 10 seconds.

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Best Legendary Tech Armor:

Monarch Borealis Armor Set: Frozen enemies receive 80% more weapon damage. All party members also get a CRIT damage bonus for 10 seconds.

A set of armor for the Plague Sower: Using the Poison State on enemies causes 5% damage for 5 seconds.

Strait Armor Kit: Using a scraper will result in extra bombs hitting a large radius.

Grim Inventor Armor Set: When you activate the destruction tool, you regenerate 20% ammo for the minigun and RPG for each enemy you hit.

Best Legendary Armor for Trickster:

A set of Chrono Suit armor: You get ammo back when you get your time back.

A disruptive armor: They become invincible in the slow fall.

Ugake Otara’s armor: When using Loot Hunt, don’t waste the cooldown by teleporting behind an enemy marked by Venator’s knife.

A series of cannonballs: Reload your ammo every time you kill an enemy with your melee skills.

Each legendary vanguard armor corresponds to a specific skill, and based on a specific skill and class, you must choose that specific legendary vanguard armor. That’s all you need to know to get legendary armor in Outriders.

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