Outriders Crafting Guide – How to Unlock, Upgrade Gear, Improve Rarity

Outriders crafting guide shows you how crafting works in the game, how to unlock it from Dr. Zahedi, and how to upgrade your equipment and weapons. Now that the full version of the game has crafting, which allows you to use resources in various ways to upgrade your equipment and weapons, let’s take a look at how to unlock this in the first place and how to master melee combat.

Disaster Guide

Here’s how crafting works, how to unlock it, and what it does to your equipment and weapons.

To unlock the vessel

Crafting becomes available after playing the game a bit, especially after reaching the First City and finding it as a hostage. Once you’ve been able to talk to him, the shipbuilding menu is unlocked, where you can see all the equipment and weapons you can make or upgrade.

How manual dexterity works in Outriders

In the shipbuilding menu, you’ll find all your equipment and weapons on the left side of the screen and an empty space in the middle. Selecting an item on the right moves it to an empty space, which then highlights all the options for building and upgrading your weapon. This is indicated by the options that appear on the right side of the screen.

The game has weapon and equipment building options that allow you to upgrade weapons and equipment, from improving the rarity of items to applying mods and attributes and switching options.

Improving scarcity

As you may already know, there are five different types of rarity for items in the game. The highest rarity is Legendary, the lowest Common. This upgrade option allows you to improve the rarity of your item if, for example, you need an upgrade. B. Upgrade a rare weapon into an epic weapon.

That said, you can’t upgrade a rarity from Epic. This means that you cannot manually upgrade the rarity of your weapon to a legendary item. This is also indicated by the fact that the upgrade option is not available when you try to upgrade.


Here you can apply mods to your weapon to attach different abilities to your weapon mod slots. There are several mods, some of which are specific to level 1 classes, while others are linked between classes so you can equip them to multiple level 2 classes.

Mods can be disassembled and replaced with any other weapon you can fit them to. However, if you select one slot to modify weapon mods, the other mod will be blocked.


This upgrade option allows you to use anomaly separators on an element and update the element’s attributes to make them more powerful. Attributes are bonuses you can apply to your weapons and equipment, such as. B. Increase in the value of injury or health.

Each attribute needs its own shards, which can also be obtained by shattering other elements. Additionally, each time you update the attribute, a small portion of the shards are sent back to you.

Switching variant

This is the last update option in the Create menu that allows you to change the weapon type. This option becomes available when you level your character. This means you can use a more stable version of the gun, which means less recoil when shooting. Or you can have a suppressed version that reduces damage and range, but hides the fire from enemies well.

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