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there is one group that has received much recognition in anime, it is the players.

From what nerds used to do only to what has now become something everyone does, marking Chad’s new Alpha males on the block.

If you want more games in your anime, here’s a solid list to consult. We are interested in anime that focuses on games, players, and anything even remotely related to the world of games.

Twenty. Player!

It’s hard to be more picky than that when it comes to securities. However, this program is far from providing a complete overview of the online gambling or sports industry.

It is a romantic comedy in which acting is the central element of the plot.

Our main character is the stereotype of a player who sits at home and spends all his waking moments at the computer.

Everything changes when a popular girl asks him to join a gambling club. It is in this club that most of the romances, comedies, misunderstandings and games take place.

Even though the series is not limited to the game, the characters are gamers, and they are very endearing.

19. And you thought there was never a girl on the line?

And you thought there is never a girl online? anime

Light adaptations of the novel really like to ask questions in the title. But at least he gets straight to the point.

The setting for this show is a story as old as the world: a player falls in love with an online woman, only to discover later that he was talking to a middle-aged man.

That’s why he’s skeptical of everyone online and thinks everyone is a man. But you don’t know that he has been playing with hot girls all this time.

And they are all from his school. Can you guess what happens next? I can guess.

18. online sword art

<a href="https://verifiedtasks.com/sword-art-online-alicization-the-direct-continuation-of-the-anime-is-in-the-underworld-among-knights-and-dragons/">Sword <a href="https://verifiedtasks.com/sword-art-online-alicization-the-direct-continuation-of-the-anime-is-in-the-underworld-among-knights-and-dragons/">Art Online </a> </a>screenshot’ class=’wp-image-350279′ data-lazy-src=’https://digilord.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/server.digimetriq.com/uploads/2021/02/sword-art-online-screenshot.jpeg’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’http://www.w3.org/2000/svg’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E’><noscript><img alt=Sword Art Online screenshot’ class=’wp-image-350279′ src=’https://digilord.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/server.digimetriq.com/uploads/2021/02/sword-art-online-screenshot.jpeg’>

I wish Isokai’s emissions were kept to a minimum, but whatever you think of the franchise, there’s no denying that it has serious reps.

It starts with a typical MMORPG world, then moves to a more magical setting, and even gives a little love to FPS fans.

And if you are a fan of this type of game, SAO can be quite entertaining.

I really liked Gun Gale because the FPS genre is not as extensive as MMOs, so it was refreshing.

Seventeen. Damn!

D-Frag! anime screenshot

This series certainly had a unique first episode where we see how four girls intimidate a criminal into joining their club.

What club, you tell me? The Game Development Club.

And while they don’t teach you how to lick Python or C++, games are a central part of the series’ plot.

The characters hang out, play a few games to pass the time, and wonder why the main character pretended to be a criminal.

It’s a pretty scary show, and it has that golden slice of life feel.

16. Welcome to NHC.

Welcome to the N.H.K. anime

N.H.K. deals with a lot of things, from hikikomori and low self-esteem to extreme paranoia and how people can make you commit suicide (I’m not kidding, the series gets dark at times).

But another important starting point is the creation of the game.

And the show discusses the creative process and the financial difficulties of game developers. In a show with so many topics, you’d think they were just covering a game in a few minutes…., but you might be pleasantly surprised.

Fifteen. I don’t want to get hurt, so I’m going to make sure Max doesn’t fight back.


I appreciate that Bofuri put his characters in a video game and managed to turn it into an isekai.

That’s right: no one is trapped, it’s only the VRMMO.

That in itself was refreshing. But the fact that the series remembers that it’s just a game, and even had a tanky protagonist as a central character, was pretty nice.

There’s a bit of The Rising of the Shield Hero, but it’s a lot less gritty and it’s really fun with the world.

It’s about a girl who happens to be OP and decides to get over it.

14. New game!

New Game! anime screenshot

If you really like games and what goes on behind the scenes, then you will definitely enjoy this anime.

It covers the entire process of making a game, from concept to artistic design, from programming to implementation.

The series is incredibly charming and all the characters mature over time because you can clearly see how passionate they are about what they do.

It’s also a pretty realistic take on such a deep concept, especially the fact that the lead programmer had to deal with real anger issues. The coding leaves no room for patience.

13. a girl with a high score

High Score Girl anime

In High Score Girl, we have a male protagonist who is just the perfect professional.

Since the show is set in the 90s, arcades are all the rage and our MC is breaking all the records. Never really questioned.

That is, until the female lead arrives and gives her an “L” with minimal effort.

Not only is she an attractive girl, but she’s better at video games than he is? Poggers.

So he’s trying to do even better, and maybe sneak in some romantic overtones.

12. mr.

Overlord anime screenshot

Overlord is pure iscai. However, it adheres to the game format more than most.

Even when the protagonist masters Ainz, he must still use his knowledge of the game to achieve important victories.

For example, knowing when to use which item, which spell is strong against which enemies, which battles are bad, etc.

Finally, Ainz was a typical player before he got the Isekai. So he still has that obvious awkwardness that we all recognize and can identify with.

11. The summer wars

Summer Wars anime

In the world of Summer Wars, VR has completely taken over. and everyone chooses to spend their time in a virtual world called OZ.

Just like in modern VR chat rooms, they can chat with each other, play games and even store. But this is where it gets tricky.

OZ is so popular and reliable that he even wants to return an asteroid explorer from space.

Well, our protagonist is a mathematical genius, and in an epic moment of player failure, he accidentally puts the world in danger. It will all become much clearer when you see the movie, which is really worthwhile.

10. Stella’s magic

Magic of Stella screenshot

Stella’s Magic is another show dedicated to game development.

Only, instead of making an MMO or something, they make digin games. Which, as you may have guessed, is a very different experience.

Our protagonist works in the field of artistic design and is currently trying to revitalize the game while making friends along the way.

It’s not the most famous show. But if you like the concept, it can easily become a secret pleasure.

9. the life of seiyu!


A big part of what gives the games and the soul of anime is the voice acting. I’m sure you all know a replica of a video game or cartoon that has stuck in your memory because of the high quality of the performance.

Seiyuya’s life gives us a glimpse into the industry as a young girl named Futaba tries to get her name through the door as a vocal actress.

There are many ups and downs, and we see sides of the industry that may not be so glamorous. But it’s very interesting to see how it all develops.

Plus, it’s like a weird look in CDawgVA’s head.

Eighth Eroj! Ho mo Games mo Kaihatsu Zanmai

Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai anime

I only watched this show for the male and female culture.

As the title suggests, this show is about the creation of an erogenous game.

It features a guy who knows nothing about drawing, programming or business, but has an expensive background in the genre of erotica. By chance, he is invited into a studio that is about to collapse. And he takes it upon himself to save the studio by teaching his female colleagues what a good erotic acting style looks like.

That goes without saying, but never look at him in front of other people.

7. Recovery of an MMO addict.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie anime

It is quite normal for an anime character to leave the real world and play video games all day.

But you’ll quickly find that the characters are mostly teenagers with seemingly unlimited opportunities and no real responsibilities.

Restoration MMO Addict starts from this basic principle, but adds a twist: heroin is a grown woman.

As you may have guessed, money doesn’t grow on trees. And now she has to figure out how to combine her love of gambling with an absolute desire to pay the bills.

6. no game, no life

No <a href="https://verifiedtasks.com/no-game-no-life-discover-a-new-world-with-two-scraps-of-the-society-in-the-volume-2/">Game No Life </a> anime screenshot’ class=’wp-image-350291′ data-lazy-src=’https://digilord.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/server.digimetriq.com/uploads/2021/02/no-game-no-life-anime-screenshot.jpeg’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’http://www.w3.org/2000/svg’%20viewBox=’0%200%200%200’%3E%3C/svg%3E’><noscript><img alt=Game No Life anime screenshot’ class=’wp-image-350291′ src=’https://digilord.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/server.digimetriq.com/uploads/2021/02/no-game-no-life-anime-screenshot.jpeg’>

No Game No Life focuses on a dynamic duo who have reached maximum playability status, Sora and Shiro

They are so good at every game imaginable that a literal god calls them to his universe where they can use their talents to the fullest.

You see, in this world everything is decided by games, whether it is a very complicated chess game or an FPS team fight with a human fighter.

They quickly find their way and use their giant brains to climb to the top and turn humanity into a meta-race.

5. erImo

OreImo anime screenshot

Orelmo is the center of life in the genre, and the game is the central medium for the unfolding of the story.

The main character is a girl who, frankly, seems too perfect. She has excellent grades, she is popular, she is beautiful, she literally has no weaknesses.

That is, until the day her brother realizes what kind of games she has gotten herself into.

So he makes his own report and tries to track them down, only to invest much more than he originally thought. This leads to many misunderstandings and embarrassing dinners.

4. chopping/drawing

.Hack//Sign anime

For many fans, this anime is the ancestor of the Isekai series.

Our protagonist is a man stuck in a video game who can barely remember how it happened.

He panicked at first, but then quickly accepted the change because his real life is not so good.

He meets all sorts of colorful characters, and they all set out to find an object called “The Key to Twilight.” While not the best representation of the gaming experience (this series ranks second), .Hack//Sign is still a classic, and at the time it was a brand new concept.

So I give credit where credit is due.

3. The girl’s number.

Girlish Number anime

Girlish Number is the second anime on our list that focuses on voice acting.

But unlike “The Life of Seiyu,” this series doesn’t really have a romantic nature.

Sure, it’s fun with the industry and it’s funny. But it also provides criticism and shows what it means to be a voice actor.

Sometimes it is routine work or work that borders on torture, like any other work in the market.

2. logarithmic horizon

Log Horizon anime screenshot

As far as the “captured in a video game” genre goes, Log Horizon is by far the best in my opinion.

Because instead of dropping the rules of the game and making it a typical fantasy world, the elements of the game are an essential part of the series.

The ability to juggle aggression, make good layouts, manage resources or even play a meta-game are all key factors in this anime.

There is not one superpowered character, but a series of people with different strengths and weaknesses.

The main character is a supportive wizard who is only good with a feather, but his knowledge of the game makes him extremely valuable and powerful! That’s the kind of ladder I love.

1. royal avatar

The King’s Avatar anime

I may end up burned at the stake for suggesting a Chinese cartoon, but listen carefully.

If you really love games and want to see a show that best summarizes the competition, this is your best bet.

The entire story follows a professional bookie who begins smurfing after being banned from the electronic team.

Animation is divine, and history never forgets its roots. The battles in the game are also very neat, but you always have the impression that it doesn’t go beyond the scope of the game.

I highly recommend you try it and see what you think.

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