Orange Internet Problem: Dns Are Involved, Here is the Solution

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Today Orange subscribers are experiencing problems connecting to the Internet. The DNS actually blocks access to web pages Fortunately, the problem is not inevitable, and while waiting for Orange to correct the problem on its side, we are proposing solutions.

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Since this morning, many Internet users have been unable to access web pages as they wish. An error message appears as if they lost the connection. However, theth problem does not come from their internet connection but from the DNS.

For those who do not know, the DNS (Domain Name System) allows, among other things, to establish a correspondence between the address of the website and the IP address of the machine that hosts this site on the network. When the server in question is down, the Internet user cannot access the site and an error message is displayed on his browser.

This is not the first time that Orange or another provider has faced the problem, but it takes time to correct it. Thus, Orange has already announced that the situation will not be restored until the end of day . In the meantime there is a solution to be able to connect to websites despite this problem.

Solution: change DNS server

The only solution to this problem is to modify the computer’s DNS server on Windows or Mac. Thus, you will be able to use alternative servers, most often those of Google (8.8.8 /, FDN ( / or OpenDNS ( / To access these parameters the handling is not the same depending on the system you are using. So here’s how it works:

  • On Mac: System Preferences > Network > Advanced > DNS
  • On Windows : Network and Sharing Center > Change Map Settings > Click Network Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol

After this little manipulation you should be able to connect to your favorite sites. We hope Phonandroid is one of them.

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