Orange Increases the Bill of Open Subscribers in Exchange for Unlimited Calls

orange arcep fine copper network

Maj. January 29, 2020 at 12 h 18 min.

Orange increases the bill for subscribers to an Open plan. The incumbent operator has decided to apply an increase of 3 euros per month in exchange for unlimited calls. Like SFR and Bouygues Telecom, Orange nevertheless allows its customers to refuse this increase…but it’s quite complicated.

orange arcep fine copper network

Orange sent an email to the subscribers of an Open 2H and Open Up 2h package a few months ago, reports Univers Freebox. The operator now charges an additional €3 per month in exchange for unlimited calls. Until now, subscribers have had to make do with two hours of calls.

” With this new offer, you can now make unlimited calls from your mobile in France to fixed and mobile phones located in France and from the Europe, French overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra zones to fixed and mobile phones located in these same zones “announces Orange with enthusiasm.

The cheapest offers (Open 2H) therefore go from 39,99€/month to 42,99€/month. The most expensive packages (Open Plus) even cost €52.99/month (compared to €49.99/month previously). If this offer suits you, you don’t have to do anything at all. “You can benefit from this development right now, without any further commitment or action on your part” adds telecom.

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A complicated offer to refuse

If you’re not interested in unlimited calling, the situation becomes more complicated. Unlike SFR or Bouygues Telecom, Orange does not include a link in its e-mail to simply refuse this new offer. Instead, the operator asks its subscribers to go to their customer area to choose another equivalentoffer. It is therefore impossible to recover a subscription offering the same advantages at the same price.

For customers who have opted for the “3 numbers unlimited” option, a complete reapplication is even required to obtain these numbers. This process takes 24 hours to be validated. As a reminder, Orange made it possible to change the offer until January 7. It is now too late to avoid the three euro increase.

Unsurprisingly, the subscribers concerned were quick to express their dissatisfaction on the operator’s forum. “I’m outraged that Orange allows itself to change my daughter’s rate plan” explains an Internet user. “I didn’t ask for anything, I don’t want these unlimited calls that won’t be of any use to me and above all will cost me 3 euros more each month. tackles another customer. “I don’t understand why we are faced with a fait accompli” regrets one subscriber. Did you accept the raise? Did you prefer to opt for another package? We await your testimony in the comments.

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