Orange and Sfr Failure: Problems on Fixed Internet and 4g

Orange and SFR are both experiencing network problems this Monday morning. The incumbent operator seems to be affected on both fixed and mobile (4G) Internet, while the SFR outage seems to concern mainly fibre.

Orange outage on 27 May 2019 / Source: DownDetector

Many users are experiencing connection problems on Monday 27 May 2019 on the Orange and SFR networks. Fixed Internet seems to be particularly affected, mobile to a lesser extent and possibly only with the incumbent operator. Testimonials are pouring in and one of our editorial staff members an Orange subscriber, was deprived of internet access this morning. He tells us that his fixed connection is completely down and that 4G service is extremely slow.

Orange and SFR: breakdown of 4G network and fixed Internet

And he’s not the only one who noticed it. On the DownDetector site, customers of both operators show their dissatisfaction. “Problem with the Normandy Rouen network and its region since this morning”, writes an SFR subscriber. ” Impossible to have a connection with my phone since yesterday (Paris) “, assures another. Same thing on the Orange subscriber side. “Here we go again! Internet failure in Le Havre/Graville! “,” it says.

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The pill is harder to swallow for some SFR customers, who have been experiencing repeated problems for some time (there were already breakdowns on 14, 21 and 23 May 2019). ” Idem, internet Fibre ENCORE broke down this month of May, since Thursday, Haut de France, Liancourt “ is exasperated one. ” SFR worst network, I’m very happy to have left their house a few days ago they always have shit on more than a week without anything, and after having recovered internet 4 days it thanked “, takes another one. “SFR, the network keeps jumping, what a horrible operator, I’m looking forward to the end of my commitment”, we also see.

One SFR subscriber explains that he never had a problem with the ISP before switching to fibre, and that he has “since December 2018 at least 10 cuts per week”. “Always problems, never a commercial gesture… And the only answer you get is ‘not my fault, national breakdown’ […] We can’t even cancel without charge, while you’re making fun of us”, says another (insults were removed from the previous message).





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