Orange : 19,98 Couple Discount With Epresse and Izneo, Famille by Canal Passe 12

Until April 4, 2018, Orange is adding the ePresse and izneo options “free of charge” on almost all of its fixed-line and mobile offers, with a ” coupled discount ” of 19.98 euros. The operator is also taking advantage of this opportunity to increase the TV Famille by Canal option to 12 euros per month

A new commercial period is beginning at Orange. While in broad outline the offers do not seem to change in depth.  The same Livebox Zen, Play and Jet packages are still available on the fixed line. On the mobile, Mini, Zen, Play and Jet are still in the game, with the same amount of data and features. Rates do not change.

But where are the developments? To find out, you have to look at the details. There are differences in size.

An “exceptional rate” for Family by Canal

First of all, on fixed-line, the TV Famille by Canal option is no longer offered free of charge to fiber customers for the first year. As a reminder, it was billed at 20 euros per month with an equivalent discount for 12 months, before increasing to 25 euros per month with the same discount. After one year, Famille by Canal was therefore billed 5 euros per month.

From now on, this bouquet of channels is announced at a ” exceptional rate for Fibre customers: 12 euros per month, instead of 25 euros per month “, for the first year as well as for the following years.

xDSL customers can use the opportunity to… 25 euros per month. This is not the only advantage reserved for those lucky enough to have FTTH in their homes: Canal+ Essentiel is available to them for 14.90 euros per month, instead of the minimum 19.90 euros per month via Canal.

Sosh mobile + Livebox customers with fiber can enjoy Canal+ Essentiel for 14.90 euros per month, provided they have the TV decoder (option at 5 euros per month). The Famille by Canal package is available for 12 euros per month for those with a TV set-top box or the Orange TV app.

ePresse and izneo coupling handover on fixed and mobile

In the standardised information sheet, a new option is highlighted: “DUntil 04/04/18, izneo and ePress services are included in the above offers [Editor’s note: the services izneo and ePress are included in the above offers]: Livebox Zen, Play and Fibre in xDSL and Fibre], with a combined offer, izneo and ePress discount of 19,98 €. Not available for business customers. The discounts made by Orange are additive “. The same applies to the Discovery offer at 24.99 euros per month and Social Internet at 20 euros per month.

On the mobile, the situation is identical except for a flat rate that is not concerned: ” Until 04/04/18, the izneo and ePresse services are included in the above offers, with a combined offer, izneo and ePresse discount of €19.98. Not available for business customers and customers of the Mini package 1,99 € for already Open customer. The discounts made by Orange are additive “. Sosh customers are not affected.

It is thus possible to subscribe to a Mini 5 GB package at 16.99 euros per month, with 19.98 euros in options offered for six months.

Orange ePresse izneo

Orange ePresse izneo

ePresse with Orange and izneo, also with Orange

Unlimited magazines and comics

Each of the ePresse and izneo options is normally invoiced at EUR 9.99 per month, i.e. EUR 19.98 for both. The first gives access to 250 unlimited press titles, while the second gives access to more than 3,000 Comic Books always unlimited.

Like SFR and Bouygues Telecom the operator is therefore giving up to the sirens of discounts for couplings with, on the one hand, a press department benefiting from a reduced VAT rate of 2.1% and, on the other hand, a package with a 20% VAT rate. This practice is of course not illegal, but it may reduce the VAT paid by the trader depending on how the coupling rebate is calculated, and sometimes lead to negative VAT. 

What breakdown for discounts and VAT?

In the case of Orange, the distribution of the coupling discount is not specified. As a reminder, last year when Famille by Canal was introduced with a coupling discount, the ISP explained to us that “the overall discount applied will be broken down according to the weight of each component of the offer (Fibre and Famille by Canal) in accordance with the tax rules in force“. Specifying that, “in no case is it relevant to talk about tax optimization“.

Will it be the same this time? We will try to find out more from the ISP. For its part, the Government has begun to define a guideline for these practices in its 2018 finance bill, explaining that the calculation must take into account the acquisition cost.

It will therefore be interesting to analyse in detail the invoices of these new offers as soon as they come into force.

Orange, ePresse and izneo already partners

However, these izneo and ePresse options are only included until April 4, 2018. ” On April 5, 2018, these digital reading services will be automatically removed from the bundles. Customers who wish to continue to use them may subscribe to the ePress option and/or the izneo by fnac ” option. Surely the opportunity for Orange to feel the ground and to advise on what to do next.

Finally, it should be remembered that this is not the first partnership between the various protagonists. Orange already offered an ePress option at 10 euros per month, but with 15 issues to choose from among more than 500 titles only. There were also “Press Saturdays” and a special promotion in July 2015, again with ePresse. For its part, the izneo option was already available, under the same conditions and for the same price (9.99 euros per month).

Other small changes to the fixed line include the fact that the duplicate invoice is charged EUR 10 each from the third request in the year, compared to EUR 4.70 previously. Please note that the complete price guide for Mobile and Open offers has not yet been updated. When this is the case, we’ll go through it in detail.

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