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In the last few years, Bungie has released a new “Destiny” game every year. Some have been successful and others have been less so. One of the more successful games was Destiny 2 which has seen a lot of positive reception from gamers and critics alike. As with any game, it’s always good to know what you’re getting into before you buy it – especially if you’re going to spend $60 on it!

The Destiny 2 optimized bounties is a guide that was created to help players optimize their game experience. The guide includes information on how to get the best weapons and armor, as well as what events are coming up. Read more in detail here: destiny optimized bounties.

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Step 1 – Reminisce about the carefree days of your childhood, before you learnt this fact.

Step 2: Collect the bounty listed below. You may still utilize the Destiny 2 Companion app!

Bounties from the Tower:

  • Zavala – One Shot, One Kill — 25 Kills with Precision
  • Zavala – 2 Super Multikills – From Downtown
  • Kill 10 Challenging Enemies in Strikes in Zavala – The Harder They Fall.
  • Finish Them – 5 Finisher Kills in Strikes by Zavala
  • Kill 10 Enemies in the Crucible with Shaxx – By the Code
  • Shaxx – High Energy – 5 Crucible Energy Weapon Kills
  • Shaxx – Feedback Loop – In the Crucible, create three orbs of power.
  • Did You Throw Enough Grenades, Shaxx? – In Mayhem, three people were killed by grenades.
  • Banshee – Solar Weapon Calibrations, Fusion Rifle, Linear Fusion Rifle


  • Kill 50 enemies in the Cosmodrome using Shaw Han – Crowd Control.
  • Shaw Han – Cosmodrome Target Practice – 20 Precision Kills
  • Shaw Han – Bring Your Toolbox – 10 Cosmodrome Ability Kills
  • 5 Power Weapon Kills at the Cosmodrome – Shaw Han – Leave Nothing Behind
  • Kill 30 Fallen on Nessus in Failsafe – Friend or Foe.
  • 1 Heroic Public Event on Nessus – Failsafe – Public Performance
  • On Nessus, Failsafe – Electrified – 30 Arc Kills

Step 3 – Carry Out the Following Procedures:

  1. Fly to the Cosmodrome, collect Shaw’s rewards, and then run any Cosmodrome Strike. Use at least one Solar Sidearm, Fusion Rifle, and Linear Fusion Rifle. (15 min.)
  2. Play one Mayhem match and one Crucible match of your choosing if necessary. (ten to twenty minutes)
  3. Fly to Nessus, collect Failsafe’s bounty, then use an Arc weapon to finish any Heroic Fallen Public Event. (Five minutes)

19 Dailies were cleared out of a total of 19 Bounties.

Time required: 30-40 minutes

.54 Bounties Per Minute


  • XP: 114,000 (unmodified)
  • 4/8 Weekly Vanguard Challenge
  • 4/8 Weekly Crucible Challenge
  • 4 Cores of Enhancement
  • 8 Modification Components
  • Spinmetal 20
  • 15 datalettuce datalettuce datalettuce datalett

1.95 Season Ranks Per Hour

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  • Bounties for 2021/8/1 have been optimized.

    In the months of October, November, and December, the chances of striking a deer with your vehicle quadruple. Step 1: Encourage people to use public transit! Step 2: Collect the bounty listed below. You may still utilize the Destiny 2 Companion app! Bounties from the Tower: Abuela – Packin’ Heat – 10 Solar Power Weapon Kills Zavala – From Abuela – Packin’ Heat – 10 Solar Power Weapon Kills Zavala – From Abuela – Packin’ Heat

  • Bounties Optimized for 2021/5/6

    Deer trivia: Deer are the mammalian equivalent of locusts. Don Steinbeck had over 60,000 tulips on his property, but when the Fire Nation deer invaded, everything changed. A small herd of animals ate over 30,000 tulips from his yard in only a few days. Step 1: Begin by threading some poppies…

  • Bounties Optimized for 2021/2/7

    Antlers fashioned like a human hand with fingers extended are known as palmated antlers. It’s thought to be a hereditary trait, similar to redheads, that some deer are born with. Step 1: Redheads should be regarded with mistrust. It’s possible they’re deer. Step 2: Collect the Dailies listed below. This is where you’ll find weeklies. …

For the game Destiny 2, post “Optimized Bounties For 2021/9/1.”

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