Opportunity to Upgrade to Windows 10 at an Unbeatable Price

Now that support for Windows 7 has been discontinued, take the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 at an unbeatable price!

Microsoft promised 10 years of support for Windows 7 when it was released in October 2009. On 14 January, this deadline came to an end: Microsoft’s support for Windows 7 officially ended. According to Netmarketshare data, millions of PCs are still running Windows 7, and the operating system is still running on nearly 26% of all PCs, which are therefore vulnerable to viruses, and should quickly upgrade to Windows 10 to solve any future problems.

Does this mean that my Windows 7 computer will stop working?

Your Windows 7 computer will continue to work, but Microsoft will no longer provide security updates patches, or technical support – leaving your computer vulnerable to viruses and malware that can take advantage of vulnerabilities discovered later.

Is it possible to pay for extended security updates? How much does it cost?

Businesses using Windows 7 will be able to pay for extensive security updates, but this could be an expensive undertaking. Count about $25 per machine, then $50 per machine in 2021 and $100 in 2022. It’s even worse for Windows 7 Pro users, who will have to pay $50 per machine, then $100 in 2021 and $200 in 2022.

How much will it cost to upgrade to Windows 10?

If you do not have a product key for Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, you can still purchase Windows 10 directly from Microsoft. The basic version of Windows 10 costs $139, Windows 10 Pro starts at $199.99 and Windows 10 Pro costs $309. Most PC users will only need Windows 10 Basic or Pro for their devices. Luckily, you can use special discount coupons and save a significant amount of money at Keysworlds.com and get Windows 10 for only €8.88.

To celebrate the New Year, you can take advantage of one last opportunity to take advantage of a huge discount, and at the same time get other necessary software, such as the office suite On Keyworlds, enjoy a 35% discount on Windows 10, Office 2019. Using the KWNY35 coupon, you can get a key for Windows 10 Pro 1 PC for only €8.88, while Windows 10 Pro for 2 PCs will cost you €14.94.

If you are interested in the bundles of Windows 10 (pro / home) and Microsoft Office 2019, Keyworlds.com offers the following options: 45,49 € for the bundle of Windows 10 Pro + Office 2019 and 40,29 € for Windows 10 Home + Office 2019.

A separate key to activate Microsoft Office 2019 Plus version is available at a price of €40.29. The promotional code KWNY35 also offers you many discounts on several products:

  • Windows 10 Professional (1 PC): €8.88 €13.99
  • Windows 10 Home (1 PC): 9,74€ 14,99€ 14,99€.
  • Windows 10 Professional Professional (2 PCs): €14.94 €22.99
  • Office 2016 Professional Plus (1PC): €21.44 €32.99
  • Office 2019 Professional Plus (1PC): €40.29 €61.99
  • Windows 10 Pro + Microsoft Office 2019 Pro: €45.49 €69.99
  • Windows 10 Home + Office 2019 Pro: €40.29 €61.99
  • Windows 10 Professional + Office 2016 Pro: €25.34 €38.99
  • Windows 10 Home + Office 2016 Pro: €24.69 €37.99
  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus (1PC): €14.29 €21.99

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All the above offers are valid as long as the corresponding codes are available. Before activation, it is recommended to install the desired software on the official Microsoft website. In case of problems, a helpdesk is available ([email protected]). Activation keys will be sent by e-mail a few minutes after payment. By the way, you can pay in a variety of ways, including PayPal.




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