Opinions regarding an MMO concept – feedback wanted!

I’ve been thinking about what I think is missing from current MMORPGs, and I’ve come up with concepts that could address what I think is missing from the current MMO market. I know that my ideas of where an MMO should go are certainly not suitable for all fans of the genre, so I’d love to get some feedback, both positive and negative, in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the concepts that I can’t or won’t consider due to my own biases.

Careful, it’s gonna be a long ride. I put it online for easier pasting and to make it clearer if you want to highlight and comment on something specific.

The basic concept: An MMORPG partially inspired by various fictional media sources. The best way to describe it is Eva Online + Xenogee + Avatar : The Last Airbender.

Design objectives : – A classless character growth system and removal of the tank/damage/DPS trinity.

  • A character development system that is more integrated into the game than the menu (i.e. the talent tree and standard equipment systems).
  • The story is more about building the world than telling the developer’s main plot. The story should come from the actors and their interactions on a particular plot, so the story isn’t defeated by numbers and developers can focus on creating other types of content. The world in which this happens is supported by legends, but it is the world itself that tells the story, not the walls of text.
  • Sandbox in a version without requirements.
  • The goal is to allow players to experiment and explore while maintaining a sense of discovery in the face of mystery.
  • No raids or prefabricated dungeons as content, though there are other methods players can use to gain power.
  • While random equipment may fall on enemies, the real items players look for in the drops are works of art.
  • Focus on creation at the point where creation is the method by which the ultimate power of a character is achieved.
  • In addition to finding crafting items through standard PvE, crafting items can be obtained by players who focus on collecting through this avenue.
  • All objects that belong to the character and are in his inventory are discarded upon his death. But since the emphasis is on skill with random pve players, anything can be replaced.
  • All items can be sold whether you have used them or not, resulting in an actor-based economy.
  • Systems designed to foster server/world identity through guilds and resource/land battles.
  • Systems that facilitate the establishment of guilds. The guild has built cities and game systems that encourage cooperation. Cities are not as customizable as survival games, but they offer enough customizability to allow for strategy and growth.
  • Slower, more methodical in the fight. The game rewards strategic thinking rather than twisted gameplay. This is not a massive loot game where completing a dungeon or a group of enemies in PvP is the end of the game.
  • Readability. PvP in MMOs is generally not fun to watch as a spectator unless you know the game inside out. Looking at symbols for buffalo/buffalo is no fun.
  • You should be able to tell what a player can and cannot do by looking at his character. Instead of focusing on reading statistics or icons, the design revolves around reading models of real people.
  • A player’s skills and equipment determine what a player can and cannot do. All skills and equipment should be visible on the character model itself – if you have a buff or debuff, there should be an animation for it.
  • The outfits are different in design, so you know at a glance what they are capable of in battle. Think about it: Handgun sniper rifle.

Like I said, it’s a long post, but I’d appreciate any comments.

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