Ontario Families Remain Evacuated Friday While Bomb Experts Detonate More Unexploded Fireworks –

(CBSLA) – Dozens of families were displaced Friday as explosives disposal units continue to search for unexploded fireworks after a massive explosion that killed two people Tuesday and covered 80 nearby homes in the Ontario region with debris.

de-mining specialists in Ontario, California, in the area of a massive fireworks explosion that killed two people. 19. March 2021. (CBSLA)

About two dozen bomb disposal teams from various federal and local agencies continue to search for unexploded ordnance. The fireworks are too volatile to dispose of, so the bomb disposal unit fills the bins with fireworks and deposits them in the area where the first explosion occurred Wednesday.

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On Friday, the bomb squad was ready to detonate enough fireworks to fill 80 containers, each holding 27 gallons, authorities said.

#Franciscus incident update: The deminers will soon carry out controlled burning of unexploded fireworks.
These activities are carried out until all hazardous materials have been destroyed. You can hear the sound of destroyed fireworks and see smoke pic.twitter.com/sJKCaGL4Ro

– City of Ontario (@CityofOntario) 19. March 2021

Around 12:30. Several explosions occurred Tuesday for several hours at properties on San Antonio Avenue and Maple Street, causing frightened residents to flee. The first blast was the size of an explosion, followed by a series of other explosions.

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Alex Paez, 38, and his 20-year-old cousin, Cesar Paez, were killed in the explosions. Their bodies were found at the scene. Three other people were injured.

Two houses on the property were demolished, the main house and the back house. A dog was also found dead on the property, while two horses were rescued. Several neighboring houses were also damaged. B. through blown out windows and doors.

19. March 2021. (CBSLA)

Investigators are looking into the possibility that the house where the explosion occurred was a booby trap, a place where illegal fireworks are sold. Investigators are not sure if fireworks were made or sold in the home, only that there were many.

16. March 2021. (Watchara Phomicinda/The Press-Enterprise/Getty Images)

As of Tuesday, evacuation orders were in effect for dozens of residents living in the area between West Francis Street and West Maple Avenue and between Fern Avenue and San Antonio Avenue.

Once we have cleared the area of unexploded ordnance, fireworks and dangerous explosives, we will begin investigating the incident, Ontario Fire Chief Ray Gayk said Wednesday.

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The Red Cross said Thursday it is helping 137 people living in the evacuation zone find temporary housing. Hotel vouchers will be provided to residents. Those in need of assistance can call 909-395-2970 or stop by the De Anza Community Center.

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