Online hobbies to improve life skills

There are countless hobbies that you can find online that will help you improve your life skills. Life skills is a term we hear often, but there are varying opinions on how it is defined. Today, we will nail down what we think encompasses the term “life skills” and give you a list of online hobbies that we consider helpful to improve this set of skills.

For many people, getting involved in individual or team sports are hobbies that can help improve life skills. This includes getting involved in a local sports club, tennis, football or exercise classes such as boxing or yoga. Getting involved is too daunting for some of us but watching from the crowd or the sidelines can be equally exciting. Spectator sports can range from soccer, boxing, NFL or horse racing. Large horse racing events such as the Kentucky Derby or the Breeders Cup draw huge crowds. This isn’t just confined to the stadium. Millions of people watch from around the world, including huge online audiences. The Breeders Cup is one of the top thoroughbred races in the United States, and the Breeders Cup 2022 is looking to follow suit as another exciting spectacle.

When we think of life skills, we usually think of social skills, the ability to engage with others and practical skills such as cooking, cleaning, managing finances properly and learning how to drive. However, this isn’t a list set in stone, and plenty of online hobbies can help bolster your skills. Today, we’re going to explore a few of them in more detail.


One hobby that helps people develop life skills is developing an interest in movies. Whether you’re looking to go to a cinema or join a film club, doing either can help develop your social skills and confidence. Quentin Tarantino admits that his love of film and cinema gave him the confidence to talk shop with like-minded folk when he got a job at a video store in the 1980s. This led to him wanting to direct his films and become the household name we all know him as today.

You can watch movies online on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and Disney+. You can also order DVDs online if you can’t find the titles you are looking for.

Niche quiz questions and answers

Another hobby that interests many people is learning about interesting and niche facts. The internet is awash with this type of trivia and information. In addition, you can use this skill to develop your hobby and join a quiz league or a quiz team. You can quiz other people online and develop confidence in your ability. Niche trivia is also a good way to initiate a conversation with somebody occasionally.


Photoshop is an extremely popular piece of photo editing software that has millions of users worldwide. There are several videos you can find on YouTube that help you expand your photoshop skills and allow you to develop networks online that can help you hone your skills. This may not be up your alley, but there aren’t any negatives associated with learning how to use it. It provides another qualification for future job prospects, and you can also make silly pictures and send them to your family and friends. If you’re not set on Photoshop, there’s a host of other photo editing software you can use online.


There are countless gaming communities that provide social hubs for people and connect gamers from across the world. Not only can gaming be beneficial from a social perspective, but depending on the types of games you play, you can also increase your knowledge on certain topics. For example, if you play chess online against other people, you will sharpen your skills and experience. If you play strategy games, you will be able to increase your critical thinking skills.

The same applies if you play sports games such as FIFA, NBA or NFL. Whatever sports game you choose will increase your knowledge of the sport, the players involved and maybe develop a friendship with somebody who shares the same interests.


These are just a handful of examples when it comes to online hobbies that can improve your life skills. Depending on the type of life skill, there’s something to be found in all corners of the internet, and if your goal is to improve your life skills by finding a meaningful hobby, the internet is the ideal place to begin your search.

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