One-punch Man: How Did the First Two Episodes Help Install the Rival Garou-saitama? (Spoil)

In the universe of Saitama, Garou (or Garoh) is one of the ancient disciples of the Silver Fang. Banished after ransacking a dojo, Garou is gaining consistency in the anime One-Punch Man . We’ll try to understand how, in the space of only 2 episodes (and a trailer), this anime was able to set up an obvious rivalry between Garou and Saitama.

Garou before season 2

Already, as we could see, Garou was present in the official trailer of season 2, and appeared just after Saitama. So these are the first two characters that are shown in this trailer, and it’s certainly no coincidence. The same pattern is repeated at the end of the video, as we see a scene of Garou, then a scene where Saitama is jumping from King’s house. The video then ends with the credits. From the trailer, the spectators understood that it would be about Garou and Saitama for this season 2, and the first two episodes go well in this direction.

In season 1, Croc d’Argent made reference to Garou, but without actually introducing him. The character will therefore grow from this season on. Indeed, when we see that the title of episode 2 is none other than The Monster with a Human Face, we quickly understand the importance that Garouwill take on. This title is indeed intended for him, and the episode starts with a bang.

We know, Garou, that Saitama will be facing Saitama soon. A supervillain can’t be introduced like that by pure chance. We will not spoiler the outcome indicated in the ONE manga, but we are anxious to see when thisaltercation will occur. It is most likely to occur at the end of the season, which consists of 12 episodes in all.

What’s new in Season 2 Episode 2 (SPOIL)

The following paragraphs discuss many of the elements that occurred in Season 2 Episode 2. Beware of spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode!

Attention, the spoil is coming now.


I’m training to become a monster: this is what Garoh answers to define himself at the beginning of episode 2. To distinguish himself from the heroes, Garou claims to be on the side of the monsters against all the outlaws who are on the side of the humans. The human-faced monster is now well and truly introduced.

Garou does not wish to take on several S-Classes at once. In a single move, however, he seems to have gotten rid of several hundred enemies. Remind you of anyone? We don’t know much more about Garou’s technique (if we stick to the anime again only), but we do know that he doesn’t need to give a lot of blows to knock out a horde of enemies, just like Saitama. As if that wasn’t enough, Garou explains that he will be getting stronger over the next six months, before returning to the Heroes Association (to try and get rid of the heroes, implied).

Garou is therefore a character who seems to have a huge margin of progress, and who will have to be watched very (very) closely for this second season of the anime One-Punch Man.

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