One Punch Man: Fans Due to the Dcal Pisode Cause of Roland Garros

If the fans of One Punch Man had the power of Saitama, Rafael Nadal would have a good one. Due to the Roland Garros schedule, a match was scheduled to run on the same schedule as the One Punch Manepisode on Monday, June 4. Programming has decided to postpone the anime episodes dubbed by Orelsanby one week, to the detriment of fans who have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Uprising on social networks

Rafael Nadal met Japanese Kei Nishikori in one of the most famous international tennis tournaments in the world. For the occasion, episode 9 of season 2 of the hero with the biting punch has taken a back seat. It will air well next week, Monday, June 11, which will delay all episodes by one week. Once the news was announced by the Twitter account One Punch Man, the reactions were not long in coming. Many users have shown signs of protest around the world.

When you thought Episode 9 of One Punch Man was going out tonight but at the last minute they tell you the episode’s been postponed

– Akatsu King (@Ganhanta) June 4, 2019

The timing is timely, as last week’s episode left an unbearable suspense. Fans will have to wait a few more days, because of a one-way match.

A Quick game

Former world champion and tournament favourite Rafael Nadal (#2) faced Kei Nishikori (#7) in what promises to be an exciting quarter-final match. It was without knowing that the Spaniard was going to completely dominate the game (6-1, 6-1, 6-3). The loser had explained not having spent much time on the courts last week. So even the fewOne Punch Manand tennis fans didn’t have much to enjoy on Monday night

Don’t panic, just a little more patience, and everyone should find his dose of Saïtama. In the meantime, you can take the quiz to make sure you know everything. Rakugaki, the drawer of the manga, took the opportunity to make a joke.

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