Ok Google Doesn’t Work: How to Fix It, All Solutions!

Maj. April 25, 2018 at 5:15 pm

The Ok Google command no longer works? Google Assistant is arguably the best PDA available today, at least when it’s up and running. There is indeed nothing worse than desperately repeating “Ok Google” in public only to find yourself manipulating your smartphone manually. Language, hardware problem, S-Voice or Bixby… let’s go through the causes together to find solutions and finally fix Google Assistant!

Tired of not being able to say ‘Ok Google’ anymore? Several causes can prevent the detection of shebang(the technical name of the famous Google Ok that triggers the opening of Google Assistant). There are the usual suspects: bad configuration, limited internet connectivity… but there are also more obscure causes, even conflicts with the assistants that some manufacturers include in their flagship products.

Ok Google: first of all, check your internet connection and your Google Assistant settings

The simplest causes are too often ignored. That’s why we suggest that you start this tutorial by checking that Google Assistant is enabled, as well as Google Ok detection, and that your internet connection is working properly. Google Assistant depends on network connectivity to work.

Check your internet connection

In order to work Ok Google needs a working internet connection. Check your WiFi network connection: are you able to connect to the internet? Is there a firewall? Google Assistant generally works with firewalls, but if you’re unsure, you can disable it and try again. If you’re connected to a public WiFi network, however, there’s a good chance that Google Assistant won’t be able to access the internet on its own.

Also check that you have enough data left if you are in 4G and that this connection is working normally. If necessary, contact your operator.

Check that Google Assistant is there and that ‘Ok Google’ is correctly configured

Another stupid cause to check before going any further: are you 100% sure that Google Assistant is present on your smartphone and that Ok Google is correctly configured? Not all smartphones are compatible with Google Assistant (you need Android 6 or 7 minimum, 1.5 GB RAM, and a resolution of at least 720p). Google Assistant is generally present in the smartphones with which it is compatible.

However, the voice command ‘Ok Google’ is not activated by default. To activate it, you have to:

  • Go to the Googleapplication
  • Bottom right, press☰> Settings > Voice > Voice Match > Say ‘Ok Google’ anytime

The ‘Google OK’ command is now available even when the Google application is closed.

Make sure your microphone picks up when you say Ok Google

What if the problem is material? Open your sound recorder, record, then play your voice: is the sound clear? It is also important to know that your voice recognition works best when you are in a quiet place. Noise around you may interfere with the recognition of the shebang. Another source of error: have you paired bluetooth devices to your smartphone? Try turning them off – the microphone input may have accidentally shifted to another device.

Ok Google: what if it was a language or accent problem?

A common problem with the ‘Ok Google’ command can be caused by incorrect language settings, a bug in the language pack, or even poor voice recognition.

Check that the language is correct

Go to the language settings and check the language or change it to French if necessary:

  • Go to the Googleapplication
  • From the bottom right, press☰ > Settings > Voices > Languages
  • Select French (France)

Force language pack update

  • Return to the language change menu
  • Uncheck French and choose another language
  • Once installed, uncheck this language and go back to English.

Reset your voice detection

  • Go to the Googleapplication
  • At the bottom right, press☰ > Settings > Voice > Voice Match > Re-record Voiceprint

Ok Google on Samsung smartphones disable S-Voice or Bixby

On Samsung smartphones, Ok Google may conflict with S-Voice or Bixby. To stop the problem, it must be deactivated!

  • Go toSettings > Applications > Application Manager > S-Voice
  • Touch Disable

Bixby Voice is not yet available in English. We will update this section as soon as we do! In the absence of voice commands there should be no conflict with Ok Google for the moment.

As with Samsung, Huawei / Honor smartphones have their own assistant, named Emy. We can use Ok Google in parallel, but Ok Emy is the only shebangthat unlocks the smartphone screen off. There are methods to completely replace the rather limited Emy with Google Assistant. But these require you to rotate your smartphone. Total replacement has other disadvantages: when voice control is activated, the smartphone tends to drain its battery more quickly. It is therefore rather inadvisable.

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