Odr: the Current Offers and 5 Tips to Make the Most of Them

(UPDATE 04/12/2019) A refund offer allows you to obtain a sometimes substantial discount on the purchase of an item. What precautions should be taken to turn them into a real bargain?

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Offers updated on December 4, 2019

The Christmas period is favourable to the appearance of offers from manufacturers and resellers on what is colloquially called ODR among attentive buyers, i.e. Refund Offers. However, they can be found throughout the year and serve to motivate the hesitant buyer to help him or her take the step in favour of the product being promoted.

But let’s be honest, if some brands or sellers offer you a refund after purchase, it’s because they probably expect that some buyers won’t bother to go through with it. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy them with peace of mind and avoid the traps of ODRs.

Current redemption offers

The holiday season is particularly busy with refund offers. Most of the major brands operate to take advantage of this period when buyers are looking for the best deal for the gifts they are going to put at the foot of the tree.

In this article, you will find all the tips on how to take advantage of these offers in the best possible way. But before that, here is a selection of some brands that currently offer to refund you sometimes nice sums when you buy their products.

Brands, Manufacturers and Resellers

  • ODR Acer: nice discount on PC gamer items or more classic models, sometimes accompanied by a peripheral of the brand.
  • ODR Boulanger: the reseller makes it easy for you by classifying the available refund offers by category on a dedicated page.
  • ODR Bouygues Telecom the operator mainly targets mobile phones and primarily smartphones but also other accessories.
  • ODR Canon: photography at the competitor’s, of course, but also everything to do with images: printers, cameras, projectors.
  • ODR Darty: the reseller indexes on a special page all the products on which refund offers are in progress, handy!
  • Dell ODR: until December 22nd Dell is offering a refund of up to €200 on PC models
  • ODR Epson: here’s a cheap way to change your printer with refunds from 25 to 100 euros depending on the model, the main offer is valid until January 26th.
  • ODR Free: no special page at Free but you can find occasional offers in the list of phones for sale by checking the special offers filter.
  • ODR Huawei: there are refund offers on smartphones of course, but also tablets and connected watches, headphones.
  • ODR Honor: a free watch or €100 refunded for the purchase of certain smartphone models.
  • ODR Hisense: the TV offers are the most highlighted but the manufacturer also offers operations on telephones and household appliances
  • ODR HP: printers too but not only for the manufacturer, there are also offers on monitors and computers of the brand.
  • ODR LG: televisions are in the spotlight at the manufacturer but promotions on audio products and TV content are also available.
  • ODR Microsoft Office receive a 20 euro discount for Office software when you buy a large number of PCs running Windows 10
  • ODR Nikon: offers on all camera ranges, from compact to SLR, up to 300 euros reimbursed until January 7, 2019
  • ODR Orange: on the page the operator offers several categories of offers on its internet or mobile subscriptions but also on accessories
  • ODR Panasonic: you will find everything on the promotions page, from TV, cameras, audio but also body care products.
  • ODR Philips: the manufacturer touches on everything from TVs to home appliances but its best offers are for its TV models
  • Samsung ODRs: there’s something for every taste, which makes sense since the manufacturer touches everything from the fridge to the TV, connected objects and others.
  • ODR SFR: the operator is going wide and offers a whole range of reimbursement packages, from smartphones to accessories and flat-rate plans, some of which last until the end of the year.
  • Sony ODR: a dedicated site has been set up to present offers on TV, photo or audio products, some of which are valid for several weeks.
  • ODR Sosh: good deals to be found on phones provided you are a Sosh customer or open a line, packages and accessories are also concerned. Variable duration.
  • ODR Wiko: the manufacturer offers discounts on several of its models at affordable prices, which makes them even more interesting

And the list could go on and on. If you are targeting a particular product or product range, use a Search Engine with the ODR mark query. The results usually lead to the usual brand promotions page. You can also visit our Good Plans page, which regularly publishes this type of offer.

1. Think carefully before you buy

There is no question of jumping on the first offer of reimbursement that comes along, because while all RDAs deserve to be carried out, not all the products concerned are. The manufacturer or seller behind the offer may simply want to boost its sales, but may also want to sell a product for a specific reason such as the arrival of a new collection or product line for example.

Is the product really suitable for you? Consult its characteristics and possible product evolutions on the information sites. Also compare its features with those of competing products at equivalent prices, with or without discounts. You might be able to find a functional and much cheaper used or reconditioned product if it is at the end of its life. Finally, beware of the proximity of sales, especially on small repayment offers, the discounted price could be even more interesting, and prefer a price already discounted to a higher price with an offer.

2. Consult conditions carefully

If you are sure you want the product concerned by the operation, now look at the refund conditions. Read the fine print to find out how the refund will be paid. Will it be made in real money or in discount coupons and other vouchers? If you’re on a tight budget, also pay attention to the announced repayment deadlines.

Terms and conditions of the offers

Are you still on schedule to benefit from it? Will the store be able to provide you with what you need to get the refund? And above all, is the product in question really eligible for reimbursement? Indeed, a refund offer from such and such a manufacturer announced at great cost to you refunds 50 euros for a purchase of a printer does not necessarily mean that all models are concerned. On the other hand, offers are always limited in time and sometimes linked to conditions of location or purchase price.

3. Gather the elements at the time of purchase

It’s decided, you’ve cracked and the terms of the offer satisfy you and seem accessible. Don’t put off the hard work of gathering all the necessary elements for repayment. Ask directly in store for a duplicate invoice or receipt if it is required and pick up the entry form if it is available in store.

Here again, we will have to pay attention to the fine lines. If the barcode is required, check the barcode on the product packaging. If it is a gift, remember to take it out before you wrap it and if you intend to resell the product one day with its packaging, do it preferably in the right way, without damaging the general appearance. The barcode and all required elements must be in good condition and perfectly legible to access the refund, an accuracy often indicated in the terms of the offer.

4. Send on time and in the right way

There is no need to wait before sending the claim. On the one hand, an oversight quickly occurs, on the other hand, if your file requires additional information, you risk exceeding the deadline for submitting the file or the deadline for claims sometimes indicated in the general conditions. Take care of these formalities first after your purchase, the sooner the better.


Before sending, photocopy, photograph or scan all items, including the application form, and put them in a safe place Attach a handwritten letter indicating all the elements you have attached to the shipment and strictly follow the instructions: circle, highlight prices and references when requested. Finally, send your refund request, taking care to choose a shipping method with proof of deposit that you will keep carefully. The price of a registered or tracked letter is certainly higher than for a normal mailing, but a non-refund will cost you much more.

5. Monitor repayment

All that’s left to do is wait for the refund. Again, the offeror has announced in the terms and conditions what the method of repayment and the time period would be. So you know whether you need to watch your mailbox for a refund by cheque or your Bank Account in case of a transfer.

In any case, put an alert in your favorite calendar application or make a cross on the fridge calendar to remember to check that the refund has been made. If you don’t see any corresponding payment, take back the papers that you had taken care to duplicate in order to contact the organization in charge of the operation which must appear in the general conditions.

Here you are well armed to buy clever and get some of your products refunded afterwards, it only remains for to stay tuned to our goodplans. Feel free to leave comments below with your remarks and advice or ask for help in the pre-purchase advice forums if you are unsure about your product selection.

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