Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to get all secret areas and royal jellies in The Ruins

long as you’re playing Oddball: Soulstorm, you get several extra tasks. For each of these badges, there are different levels to reach in order to progress in the quest. If you manage to do all this, you will unlock the platinum version. To get the platinum trophy, you need to collect all the platinum badges. The badge quests change from level to level, but you’ll still have to search for both secret locations and queen jelly. If you need help finding them in the second level of The Ruins, check out our guide below.

How to find all the royal bulls

One of the good things about these two quests is that once you complete some of the secret areas, you can probably complete the queen jelly without trying. Most pickups are incredibly easy to discover on your own, and the ones that require a little work are usually in these secret locations.

Secret Area #1


The first secret area can be a little confusing. At the beginning of Ruin, you are shown how to silently pass the catapults. There are two in this area that need to be addressed. Once you pass both, the game will send you to the left to continue the adventure. Instead, go left and down to find the first secret area after you pass under the platform.

Secret Area 2


The second hidden area is very easy to find. After you beat the first few encounters with the Sligs, you’ll face four of them. When crossing, pay attention to the lowest point, as shown in the picture above. Here you will find a second hidden area in the level. Just take the royal jelly and move on.

Secret Area 3


Shortly after the second hidden area, you’ll encounter another set of four loops. Finish them and move on to the next area, but look for a ledge to walk on right after you leave the previous area. Jump and open the third secret area.

Secret Area 4


Later, you’ll encounter another group of four sligs, all waiting to take you down from various platforms. There are also four mines on the ground that you have to dodge when you go up to this area. Then you arrive at your new location with only two slugs. Take them both out (peacefully or violently) and grab the queen jelly at the bottom right. The fourth secret area is now yours.

Secret zones 5 and 6


Just after the last section, you have to climb through the building. Inside, a royal jelly is waiting for you. Make sure that once you are above the building, go back to the left and use the brew bottles to blow up the door like in the picture above. Enter the building and take the fifth and sixth secret places at once.

You should now have everything you need to unlock the platinum badges and be well on your way to getting the platinum trophy.

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