Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to get all secret areas and royal jellies in Sorrow Valley

you make your way through each of these wondrous worlds: In the levels of Soulstorm you have the possibility to complete different side missions. Each level has a different setting, but two levels remain the same throughout the game. These are often the most difficult, as you have to look for hiding places and royal jelly. However, you must have them all to get the platinum trophy at the end of your adventure. So if you need help finding them, you should check out our guide.

How do you get all the royal jelly into the Valley of Woe?


Finding the most royal jelly beans is as easy as playing the game. They are hard to miss during the game, so you should be able to catch most of them during the game. However, some are hidden in secret areas, so read on to find them.

Finally, there is one that is hard to see during the game. In the middle of the level, you start to get hit by mortar fire. At some point, the building in front of you caught fire. When the fire is out, you can grab the royal jelly beans that are waiting for you. It’s easy to miss, though, because the jelly is mistaken for the fire that rages at first glance.

Secret Area #1


At the beginning of the Valley of Sadness, you have to go through a gap with flying Slygs. To reach the other side safely, you’ll have to kill the other Sligs with the help of your new henchman. But don’t let them down when this task is done. Use them instead to shoot at the barricades in the lower levels on the left to reach the first Secret Area

Secret Area 2


Once you’ve fully explored the first secret area, it’s time to move on. You’ll come across a ladder and you’ll see some hanging rungs on your left which you can jump from. Jump over it, and then use the double jump to climb to the next platform. Keep climbing to find the second hidden spot.

Secret Area 3


Then you come to an area where slingshots and mines are sleeping. Finish this area and you will see the entrance to the well in the image above. Instead of jumping, drop to the right and follow the path to the third secret area.

Secret Area 4


Once you’ve dealt with everything on the other side, cross the room again, protected by the flying Slygs. Do what you did last time and let them kill each other, but make sure you also shoot the flaming red bars in the lower left corner. Once this is done, go to the place you discovered to find the fourth secret area.

Secret Area No 5


Then grab a flying Slig and head to a deadly maze. At the very end of the labyrinth are several slig watch huts. Deal with them with ruthless aggression, and then make sure the wooden structure you see in the screenshot above is on fire. This opens up a fifth hidden area that you can enter once you regain control of Abe.

Secret zone #6


At the end of your journey, you will meet the bird carrier you see at the top of the screen. Make sure you follow the platforms all the way down to find all the Mukodons and the final secret area.

Once you’ve done this, you should have both platinum badges and be well on your way to completing the level completely.

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