NVIDIA Hiring Software Engineer to Work on Next-Gen Graphics Developer Tools for Game Consoles

NVIDIA is looking for a software engineer to work on next-generation game developer tools. This role will be responsible for developing and maintaining NVIDIA’s open-source development kit, nvMx.

NVIDIA is hiring a software engineer to work on next-generation graphics developer tools for game consoles. The company’s salary for the position is competitive.

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NVIDIA is hiring a software engineer to “pioneer the next generation of Graphics Developer Tools for game consoles,” according to its LinkedIn profile, implying that the green team is beefing up its present staff in anticipation of new hardware and/or software for an unnamed gaming system. Creating graphics profiler tools for NVIDIA GPUs, implementing graphical debugging features, and producing “fast, effective, manageable, stable, and well-documented code” are among the tasks outlined by NVIDIA for the new full-time role, which may pay up to $173,250 per year. Given that NVIDIA already provides hardware for the Nintendo Switch in the form of the Tegra SoC, many have speculated that this might indicate that the hybrid system’s replacement has reached a more advanced stage of development.

Responsibilities of a Game Console Developer Tools Engineer include:

  • Develop graphics profiler functionality for NVIDIA GPUs that will allow developers to achieve greater and more consistent frame rates.
  • At the driver level, provide graphics debugging tools by reading and writing GPU registers and memory, as well as processing and modifying GPU instructions.
  • Work collaboratively with internal and external partners, as well as other NVIDIA peer groups.
  • Drive technology conversations and give essential architectural input.
  • Create a realistic delivery plan by accurately estimating and prioritizing jobs.
  • Write code that is quick, efficient, maintainable, dependable, and fully documented.
  • Give other engineers peer evaluations that include performance, scalability, and accuracy criticism.
  • Document needs and designs, and have important partners examine the documentation.
  • Demonstrate advancement in both technical and non-technical skills.
  • To build a test strategy for new features, meet with the QA Department.

Are you interested in 3D graphics, GPUs, and low-level, hardware-level programming? Have you ever wished to assist in the creation of video games? Do you want to work with a team that is quick, agile, and knowledgeable? Are you ready to go at light speed? NVIDIA is searching for a highly technical, creative, and hands-on software engineer to help develop the next generation of Game Console Graphics Developer Tools. You will work with the NVIDIA Graphics Tools team to build tools that enable developers worldwide to harness the full power of NVIDIA GPUs. We’re searching for a low-level programmer to assist us provide game creators the greatest possible experience while debugging and optimizing their games.

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