Notre-dame De Paris: the Fondation Du Patrimoine Launches a Special Donations Website in Front of the Influx of Visitors

Maj. April 16, 2019 at 3:29 p.m.

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral has been the victim of a serious fire. Many Internet users have visited the Fondation du Patrimoine website to make a donation. To manage this large influx of visitors, the organization has opened a special national kitty site.

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“In response to multiple requests, the Fondation du patrimoine has decided to launch a national collection for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris” explains the Foundation in a Press Release As a reminder, this is a private non-profit organization working to safeguard and promote French heritage.

Notre-Dame de Paris: the Fondation du Patrimoine launches a large national fund

“This collection will be accessible on Tuesday 16 April from noon on the website No fees will be charged” emphasizes the Foundation. At the time of writing, the foundation’s site is still saturated. The kitty is only accessible on the special online donation site. “All donations received will be fully donated to the restoration site” ensures the organization. Each donation is deductible from personal INCOME TAX real estate wealth tax and corporation tax. For example, a donation of 5€ will only cost you 2€.

To make a donation and participate in the restoration of the Cathedral, simply go to the national kitty site, choose the amount, enter your first and last name, and provide your bank details. The site accepts Mastercard, VISA, or debit cards (CB) but also cheques. Due to the large number of visitors, the site may sometimes be inaccessible.

In order to finance the years of work needed to rebuild the cathedral, other funds soon flowered on canvas. A few hours after the start of the fire, an online jackpot on the Leetchi website had already raised almost 9,000 euros. On social networks calls for donations are multiplying. You are advised to give preference to official initiatives. In some cases, it is unfortunately impossible to guarantee that the money raised will actually be spent on the restoration of Notre Dame

As a reminder, the cathedral was partly saved by the efforts of nearly 400 firefighters. Priceless works of art, such as the tunic of St. Louis or the crown of thorns, were put away from the flames. At last count, the origin of the fire is still undetermined.





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