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I got my Xiaomi mi8 this weekend. 

I had the same problem as you! Internet works perfectly, but no mms. 

On top of that, I couldn’t use my remote connection (connection sharing with my laptop), nor utorrent, nor the microsoft Desktop application .

I couldn’t find anything on the internet, Bouygues couldn’t help me… 

I finally got my hands on my old laptop (Huawei p10) to retrieve the APN settings. AND MIRACLE (not so much…) It’s working again. 

Here are my APN settings: 

Name : Bouygues Telecom



Proxy MMS:

Port mms: 8080

MCC : 208

MNC : 20

Authentication type : None

Apn type: default,supl,mms,ia

Protocol apn : IPv4

Roaming Apn Protocol : IPv4

I hope this helps! 

Good luck!