No Game No Life : When Two Gamers Have the Fate of Mankind in Their Hands…

In No Game No Life, mankind is clinging to the talents of two extraordinary players, nicknamed White. Following the invitation of a so-called God, Sora and Shiro go to a fantasy world called Disboard where gaming is king and violence is forbidden. Their talents will be put to the test and if they want to survive in this new world, they will have to elbow their way through and use their grey cells.

When the game rules your life

Their pseudonyms are nothing but empty spaces and yet they are feared by all. White is described as an exceptional and undefeated player. Invited to a mysterious chess game, they will meet an exceptional opponent. After winning this game, Sora and Shiro are invited to leave this shitty world they live in to join a world ruled by the game. So here they are in Disboard, a place where 10 laws prevail over everything. It is forbidden to kill or steal. Conflicts are resolved through play like a game of chess or a rock-paper-scissors.

Mashiro Hiiragi / Yuu Kamiya 2013 KADOKAWA CORPORATION

Then begins a colourful and humorous adventure, aboard a new world where Shiro and Sora will have to make a place for themselves. And even though they are considered exceptional players on Earth, on Disboard, the opponents are not lacking in talent. And for good reason, no one wants to lose, the sentence can be salty. An epic epic where gamers will recognize themselves in part, attracted by the game and its results. The two characters, brother and sister, but not related by blood, are close. Daring yet humorous outbursts are recurrent. In No Game No Life, Yuu Kamiya, whose real name is Thiago Furukawa Lucas, relates the difficulties of integration that can be experienced by people who are reclusive in society.


Mashiro Hiiragi / Yuu Kamiya 2013 KADOKAWA CORPORATION

And even if they manage to find their place in this new world, the fate of humanity rests on their shoulders. Disboard is divided into territories, themselves governed by 16 races, with or without a physical body. Different opponents, with sometimes extravagant ways of playing, but who will sometimes have to be confronted to save the human species. An ordeal they will nevertheless take with a smile. After the light novel and the anime, No Game No Life will be released in manga in our bookshops on March 16, 2018. If you want a taste of the manga, you can watch an excerpt right here.

Volume 1 of No Game No Life is available on Amazon for €7.99, right here.

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