No Game No Life : Discover a New World With Two Scraps of the Society in the Volume 2

One is out of school, the other is unemployed. Brother and sister, Sora and Shiro are considered true urban legends on the web. Unbeatable at video games they have built up such a reputation that a God from a strange world has been led to contact them to offer them an excursion into an incredible world ruled by the game. A chance that does not seem to be one, and which is revealed a little more in Volume 2.

A brother and sister in the realm of play

Launched this year in Japan, Volume 2 of No Game No Life will be published by Ototo on December 7th. These two geniuses embark on an incredible adventure, where the game serves for everything. A game of poker can pay for a room, but it can also cost a life. There is no limit to the bets and both parties may, if they wish, put their lives on the line on a coin toss. The Whites, their online nickname, will have to grasp this new world and try to integrate into it, if they want to save Humanity.

Even though they have never been able to integrate, Sora and Shiro will face a dilemma. Guided by their insatiable desire to be players, they will be able to let their impulses guide them and eventually succeed in making it through the game. However, in a world run by gambling, the inhabitants are not mere lambda players and have an acute knowledge in this field. Each game may well be the last and the duo will have to play it well if they wish to prosper in this new realm.

It is notably through its anime, which began airing in April 2016, that No Game No Life has managed to quickly make a name for itself. This work, initially unearthed in the form of light novels, by Yū Kamiya, was then declined through manga, designed by Mashiro Hiiragi. Highly appreciated in this form, No Game No Life is coming in droplets in France, with the arrival of volume 2, which, it should be remembered, is scheduled for December 7. A second volume available in all good bookstores and on Amazon, right here.

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