Nioh 2 Update 1.26 Patch Notes Today, Download Size (Feb 18)

Ninja has released the 1.26 release notes for Nioh 2 today, and it’s a big update. Update 1.26 adds many new features, fixes a number of bugs and issues, a number of PS4, PS5 and PC specific issues fixed in this update. Below you will find all the information about the Nioh 2 1.26 patch update, take a look.

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Team Ninja has released the 1.26 update to Nioh 2 today. This update will add new features to the game. This patch also fixes some platform-specific bugs. The download size of the update is also shown below, check it out.

Nioh 2 Update 1.26 has been released, and Team Ninja has released the official patch notes. Since this is a major update, there will be additional content and features added to the game. Some bugs have also been fixed on PS4 and PS5. Additionally, some issues and bugs have been fixed in the Steam version of Nioh 2. Look at the patches.

Fixed a bug in the Nioh 2 1.26 update:

  • Fixed: Objects can suddenly become unusable in multiplayer, and many actions cannot be performed correctly.
  • Fixed: Delay tokens used by enemies can be very long.
  • Fixed: The ball flies to the ground when you hold Osakabehime and make a strong attack with the Yin-Yang Fire Mark, Water Mark and Lightning Mark techniques.
  • Fixed: Youkai can fall near the rock by activating the White Tiger and Naked Youkai techniques.
  • Fixed: A powerful move that can be triggered by Transition Sickle and Naginata Sickle Transition Rage Secret cannot be triggered at 120 frames per second.
  • Fixed: Enemies in the dark have a great chance of dropping the armor of the priest Kobo Daishi’s cloak.
  • Fixed: Other minor errors.

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Additional content in Nioh 2 Update 1.26 :

  • Add the transformation of the ninja dragon to get the visit of the blessing in the temple.

Nio 2 Update 1.26 Patches: Specific platform

Below are all the Nioh 2 1.26 release notes for specific platforms, take a look.


  • Fixed: Users of the PS4 version of Nioh 2 and the PS4™ version of Nioh 2 Complete Edition could not participate when the multiplayer match condition was set to Friend.


  • Fixed: The display of the position change direction buttons in the lower right corner of the screen is interrupted when you change the operation mode from the controller setting to the custom mode.

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Steam (for PC)

  • Fixed bug where the contents of the OK button in the controller settings returned on restart.
  • Fixed an issue where actions such as attacks and investigations could not be performed when the Mouse Keys were set to Reposition in the Keyboard and Mouse Key Configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where some user interfaces were incorrectly displayed when using the ultra-wideband monitor.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed special effects to occur in a language other than the language of the controlling device.

Other features have also been added to the Steam version of Nioh 2 for PC users.

Additional content for Steam (PC) :

  • The DLSS to graphics settings option is now available for GeForce RTX series cards. Download the latest drivers to use this setting.

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We hope you enjoy our version of Nioh 2 Update 1.26 Patch Notes today, download size (February 18).


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