Nintendo Switch: Here’s Why Games Will Always Be More Expensive Than on Competing Systems

Released on March 3rd, Nintendo’s new home console, the Switch, has been released and is selling very well. But what you need to know is that games will always be more expensive on the latter compared to competing consoles. For which raison ? The fact of having chosen cartridges as a medium.

The online games are often designed by mutual idea sharing of different gaming forums. Players from all over the world get a chance to become a part of the mutual gaming community on different platforms and express their opinions regarding their gaming experience. This mutual effort and discussion about gaming genres help the game developers to create much more interactive online games which can be enjoyed by many players at a time. When combined with gaming tools like a VPN , gamers can even play multiplayer games outside of their own regions with a reduced ping.

Approximately 10 euros more expensive

For the release of Rime, developed by Tequila Works and also available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we realized that it was 10 euros more expensive, while it is exactly the same game. No additional content rien ! The studio is explained without specifying the details:

We cannot go into detail, but we can assure you that Rime’s price is based on development and production costs for each platform.

So why 10 euros more expensive on Switch ?

The price of a cartridge may vary depending on the amount of memory it contains (1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB) and the equivalent memory compared to a Blu-Ray the price is higher. A constraint that may not be appreciated by the studios.

We could say we’ll buy a big microSD card, so we’ll buy our games in dematerialized version and we’ll win on the price. FAUX ! Nintendo has opted for a policy of ensuring that physical and dematerialised games are at the same price, so as not to favour one or the other. However, Reggie Fils-Aimé, head of Nintendo US, explained that developers are free to set the price of their game. Are the studios willing to cut back on their profits to benefit Nintendo Switch ? Not sure at all! 

It should be remembered that Sony’s argument when the first PlayStation was released was that it would be cheaper. The studios were won over by this, and later the other consoles began to use CDs, DVDs and then Blu-Ray.

The Switch already hacked

Besides that, the Nintendo Switch has already been hacked by qwertyoruiop. He managed to launch an executable code thanks to a flaw in the browser to display the word Done. Apparently, he used the same technique as on iOS by modifying the iOS jailbreakMe Webkit to divert the Nintendo system from its straight path.

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