Nicky Larson’s Getting Married in a New Anime…

The children of the 80/90s know his adventures by heart, Nicky Larson is back for our greatest pleasure. The hero is going to celebrate this year his 30th birthday, on this occasion a reissue of the original manga and a new anime land. A little credits to remember the good times we had in front of the Club Dorothée. 

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A shadow runs in the night! It’s an assassin on the run… Just put on the credits and it’s done. We’ve got the music in our heads… Last December, it was announced that the 140 episodes of Nicky Larson were available in streaming and for free on Today, new announcement with the wedding of our favorite Nicky.

The big-hearted hero is celebrating his 30th anniversary this year, on this occasion he will be entitled to a deluxe reissue. The 35 volumes of the original manga will be compiled in 12 new volumes with unpublished illustrations and interviews of the author. As an added bonus, the lucky buyers of this re-release will be offered a DVD with a never-before-seen story. A story where the man with many conquests will finally settle down and ask for a woman in marriage. Yeah, it’s possible even for Nicky Larson  

This reissue of the manga will be available from July in Japan. It is hoped that a French adaptation will be made very soon. Otherwise you will have to search the streaming sites to find the anime in VOST FR.

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