NFL heating up: Have the odds on who’s making the playoffs changed?

NFL heating up: Have the odds on who's making the playoffs changed?


Overview of the NFL Season


The NFL season is in full swing and teams are battling it out to claim the top spots in their divisions. As the season progresses, teams have been jostling for position in the playoff picture. In addition, the standings and odds on who's making the playoffs have been constantly changing. Let's take a closer look at this season and discover how the odds have shifted.

Teams that are currently in contention

As the 2017-2018 NFL season enters the final few weeks, there are a number of teams vying for a spot in the playoffs. With that being said, if you take a look at each conference, there are several teams whose chances at earning a playoff berth have significantly improved since the start of the year.

In the AFC, teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers are currently fighting to secure playoff spots and they have both done well enough so far to give themselves solid chances to make it into the postseason. In addition, some unexpected contenders such as the Baltimore Ravens have pushed hard to oppose them and offer some real competition around wild card positioning.

On the other side of things in the NFC, teams like Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams have all seemingly moved from long shots all way up into contention for playoff berths. This shift in fortunes has been nothing short of remarkable for these franchises this season and it is sure to bring in more excitement during this year's playoffs.

Overall, while time will tell which teams will ultimately make it into this year's postseason dance without fail it makes things much more interesting every single week with many possibilities still awaiting resolution before we know exactly who will be making final decisions on who plays when and where when January 2018 arrives.

Teams that are on the bubble

With only the final week of the regular season still to be played, teams from the AFC and NFC are vying for playoff spots. Many of these teams are on the bubble for their conference championship and there is a great deal of uncertainty about who will make it in.

Those who have emerged as strong contenders in playoffs positioning include the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens in the AFC while the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings have created a formidable championship race in the NFC.

The teams that remain on the bubble include some unexpected contenders such as the Oakland Raiders, Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns in the AFC while surprise competitors like Los Angeles Rams show potential to shake up postseason predictions.

The next few weeks will likely determine which team comes out on top as this season’s standings continue to change with each passing week. In order to understand who has a real chance of making it into playoffs contention requires an evaluation of each team’s strengths or weaknesses as well as key player performances. Be sure to tune into all your favorite games during this crucial time!

Impact of Recent Injuries

Injuries have a major impact on the NFL and throughout the season, teams face the challenge of having to make up for the absence of their injured players. This can drastically affect the outcomes of games and can alter the original expectations of who will make the playoffs. In the following article, we will analyze the impact of recent injuries on the odds of which teams are making the playoffs.

Key players who have been injured

Injuries are always a significant challenge when predicting which teams will make the NFL playoffs, and this season is no different. Recent injuries have hit some of the power teams especially hard, impacting their ability to compete.

At the beginning of the season, key players who had sustained serious injuries in previous seasons were being closely watched. If they returned to full play without sustaining any new injuries, their teams had a better chance of competing for a playoff berth. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for several powerhouses this year.

The Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have all suffered significant recent injuries to key players. Along with those losses, each team has added other key players who are out or limited due to various medical issues and illnesses affecting team performance.

The Bills have lost linebacker Matt Milano with hamstring tightness and slot receiver Cole Beasley with a knee injury; both could miss multiple weeks. Quarterback Josh Allen is dealing with an arm injury that has already cost him one game and could possibly sideline him longer if it fails to heal quickly. Running back Devin Singletary is also struggling with hamstring tightness that has caused him to miss recent games; all these issues could drastically affect Buffalo’s chances in its quest for a playoff spot.

The Cowboys lost many valuable backfield personnel in back-to-back weeks: Running backs Ezekiel Elliott (hamstring) and Tony Pollard (foot) were both placed on injured reserve prior to week eight; then All-Pro tackle Tyron Smith was also sidelined due increased neck stiffness prior to week nine's game against Pittsburgh Steelers & star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger fell himself victim from an elbow injury causing him sidelined consequently & aggravated his stay on IR which further suppresses its attempt for playoffs berth.. This means Dallas will be missing many of their main offensive contributors over an important stretch of games that could determine if they make the postseason or not.

The loss of Roethlisberger is even more dramatic for the Steelers as it spells doom for any championship aspirations they may have had this season unless Mason Rudolph can find a way step into Ben's shoes quickly and turn around Pittsburgh's fortunes during what is left of its regular season schedule. With Big Ben throwing passes on Sunday instead of playing catch up from rehab at home, perhaps the Steelers might be competitive enough to earn one of 16 coveted NFC spots come winter time? Only time will tell…

How the injuries have impacted the teams

In the National Football League, injuries to key players can have a significant impact on the fortunes of their teams’ season. Injuries can force players out of action for an entire season or even just a few weeks. This can disrupt team chemistry, game strategies, and rosters — all resulting in a possible shift in the league's postseason prospects.

With several teams suffering from key injuries early in the season, some have already been forced to re-evaluate their plans for success and lament what might have been. In such cases, they may look to other players or even entire coaching staffs to take up the slack and weather the storm until their stars returns. As injuries mount and games get more intense as playoff spots come into focus for some teams, these changes could mean more than ever this year.

In such cases of injury-related team performance slumps, coaches and front office personnel will often consult medical professionals before deciding upon measures that might be taken to help these teams make it through a difficult time — like activating practice squad players or signing free agents that fit the team’s style of play. As we see many promising seasons already fading due to critical injuries, NFL fans can expect that other teams may need to resort to similar measures if they’re going to survive until the playoffs with any hope of continuing their impressive starts.

Odds of Making the Playoffs

As the NFL season has heated up, the odds of which teams are making the playoffs are in a constant state of flux. Betting odds are a great way to get a sense of who has a chance to make the playoffs and who doesn’t. With only a few weeks left, the schedule is tight, and some teams are in a better position than others to make the playoffs. Let’s take a look at how the odds are changing.

Teams that are most likely to make the playoffs

As the NFL season enters its final stretch it is becoming increasingly clear which teams are vying for the playoffs and which need a bit of luck to make it to the postseason. As the remaining weeks unfold, below are the teams who are most likely to make a playoff run.

New England Patriots – Super Bowl contenders year in and year out, the Patriots have virtually locked up a spot in this year’s playoffs, with their tenth consecutive AFC East title being one of their primary goals for 2019.

Kansas City Chiefs – The defending AFC Champions have been nearly unstoppable this season as they march back to stature amongst football’s elite. Led by franchise quarterback Patrick Mahomes and persistent threats from Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins, Kansas City seems poised for another late-season playoff success story.

Baltimore Ravens – Once again led by Lamar Jackson who has cemented his place in MVP conversations, Baltimore stands firm atop an AFC North that also boasts quality teams like Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Barring any major surprises or injuries down-stretch Baltimore should be playing in January.

Indianapolis Colts – Sitting 1st in their division at 6-2 (or 7-2 after Monday night's win), Indianapolis has already proven themselves to be dominant defensively and capable offensively under first-year head coach Frank Reich. With QB Jacoby Brissett at the helm they look prime for their first playoff appearance since their 2nd half surge of 2018.

Houston Texans -Although 4th overall in points allowed per game in 2019, Houston still sits slightly behind Tennessee (8-4). But with consistent offensive stars like DeShaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins leading them every week, Houston has primed themselves as one of the top Wild Card candidates come postseason time if things break right .

Teams that are least likely to make the playoffs

As we near the end of the NFL regular season, there are numerous teams with uncertain fate in terms of their playoff chances. Every team’s situation is unique and many have shifted in the recent weeks with each win or loss they have seen. In this article, we'll explore which teams are currently least likely to pave their way into the playoffs this January.

We can begin by looking at some of the league’s worst-performing teams. Though every potential wild card spot remains open for competition at this point, teams like Jacksonville Jaguars (1-14) and New York Jets (2-13) seem most out of contention at this point due to their poor record. Others that can be added to the category are Detroit Lions (4-10), Los Angeles Chargers (4-10), Minnesota Vikings (5-9), Houston Texans (4-11) and Washington Football Team (5-9). These teams all stand around a five percent or lower chance of making playoffs on various online football prediction websites – making them least likely at present when you consider their record going into Week 17.

The organizations left without a post season berth will no doubt be disappointed as they review their 2020 performances come January, But there is still time for upsets headed into the final week – Leaving these odds subject to change up until the Playoff picture is set in stone.

Strategies for Betting on the Playoffs

With NFL season heating up, the teams that are making the playoffs are more and more uncertain. Betting on the playoffs can be tricky, as the landscape is constantly shifting and teams that were expected to make the playoffs may find themselves missing out. However, there are strategies for betting on the playoffs that may help you make the most of your bets. Let's take a look at a few of the strategies that may be useful.

Identifying value bets

Identifying value bets during the NFL playoffs is crucial to success. It can be difficult to make this determination, as plenty of factors can affect a team’s chances of success during the playoffs. These include injuries, weather, schedule strength, and even seemingly random events such as whether a team is playing at home or away — all of which add uncertainty to the outcome.

Fortunately, there are several strategies that you can use to identify potential value betting opportunities here. Firstly, look for teams that have demonstrated consistency over recent weeks or months. This may indicate that they have developed an advantage in a certain area or have managed to overcome adversity. Secondly, pay special attention teams with a good defense — these can prove difficult for opponents to prepare for and often give an advantage in playoff matchups. Finally, look at teams with strong running games and solid pass defenses — these tend to fare much better against the opposition in short-term contests like those found during playoff weekends.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each possible matchup and seeking out betting opportunities where value is likely present, you’ll be able to increase your chances of success when betting on NFL playoff games.

Understanding the impact of injuries on the odds

As NFL teams approach the playoffs, it's important to keep an eye on the betting odds, as they will often shift dramatically depending on which teams are successful and which teams suffer injuries. Injuries can drastically alter the odds of a team making the playoffs, so understanding their impact is important for any sport bettor.

When evaluating injury this late in the season, bettors must consider several factors: how long a player is out of action (their recovery process); how good a replacement player or coach could be; and how other teams perceive their chances of contending. A great example would be the fantasy football ramifications of star running back Saquon Barkley's season-ending ACL tear in the 2020 NFL season – as he was seen as a surefire MVP candidate early in the season, many bettors had to reconsider their odds for making the playoffs given his absence from future games.

In addition to considering what a team may lose due to an injury, it's also important to factor in what kind of opportunity this may create for them. For instance, if new players step up into big shoes left by injured stars and perform reasonably well, it may actually increase a team's chances of making the postseason over their pre-injury expectations. Additionally, challenges such as relying on younger players or unexpected lineups can affect whether they take advantage of favorable matchups or succumb to healthier and more experienced opponents.

Though understanding international betting strategies and predicting outcomes can seem daunting at times, an educated consideration of potential injuries can help ensure that your bets are successful during tense playoff seasons. With careful attention paid to all factors at play – especially those related to injuries – you'll have greater control over your success rate when betting during NFL playoffs!


As the regular NFL season comes to a close, it's time to look at the current standings and look at what has changed since the start of the season. With the teams that have made the playoffs already determined and the teams on the edge of the playoff picture, it's time to look at the odds and how they have changed over the course of the season. We'll look at the teams that have made the playoffs and the teams that are on the cusp. Additionally, we will examine the implications of all the changes in terms of who may make the playoffs and who may be left out.

Summary of the current playoff picture

As the second half of the NFL season approaches, it is a great time to analyze the NFL teams and see who looks to make the post season playoffs. The current playoff picture is comprised of twelve teams: the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC and Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in the NFC.

The Patriots are dominating their division with a 9-2 record as well as sitting atop their conference as Nike's number one team. The Kansas City Chiefs trail them closely with an 8-3 record. Both of these teams remain favorites for not only making the playoff but being dominant forces in the post season. The Dallas Cowboys are positioned at 8-3 while the Philadelphia Eagles trail closely behind them with a 6-5 record. Both of these teams have had success this season due to strong offensive performances by Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz respectively.

In conclusion, with only six weeks left in the regular season most questions regarding who will make up this year's postseason have been answered as twelve teams have solidified themselves as principle adversaries for post season contention within their respective conferences. As always competition gets tougher as teams move closer to championship contention leading us towards a very exciting end to this year's NFL schedule!

Implications for the upcoming weeks

The upcoming weeks of the NFL will be some of the most crucial to decide which teams clinch the playoffs. With teams like the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs still jostling for a top spot, along with newer contenders such as the Oakland Raiders, there are sure to be some unexpected changes in the near future.

For those teams sitting atop their respective divisions, any slip-up – from injuries or a loss of form – could have devastating results and send them tumbling down in rankings. On the other hand, aiming for a wild card spot is a valid option for certain teams that must now strategize musing different oppositions’ strengths and weaknesses combined with their own capabilities. All this sets up an interesting pattern of scenarios with implications not just limited to individual franchises but also impacting rivalries which have spanned decades.

Whether an underdog rises or fans witness powerhouse set ups in subsequent weeks, it is clear that any predictions made now should factor in gracefully changed odds based on what unfolds over the coming weeks. As much as team performance matters, luck will also play its part when it comes to clinching a playoff berth – making this one NFL season that won't be decided until much later in December than anticipated previously.

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