NFL heating up: Have the odds on who’s making the playoffs changed?

As always in the National Football League (NFL), the favorites to make the playoffs before the season begins, and the teams that start well and end up making the playoffs are never identical. There are several reasons for this.

Usually, some good fortune goes a long way, including a few surprise draft picks performing better than initially anticipated. The draft can shape a team’s season and make or break a team’s season trajectory. We have seen this unfold countless times. Earlier this year, we broke down the NFL draft and took a look at the quarterbacks in the list. We are seeing the tables take shape despite only going into the second month of the season. When deciding on a bet to place, it can be helpful to check out the latest NFL picks for some guidance.

Some teams have had a slower start in the American Football Conference (AFC). Most teams have started quite slowly during the first few games, but some have started off worse than others. The Las Vegas Raiders were considered one of the teams to watch out for in this year’s playoff race. They are a team with considerable skill, talent and experience in their ranks, so to see them start the season with three consecutive losses is surprising.

That being said, oddsmakers are still fairly confident they can turn around their fortune and push for the playoffs. One thing is for sure, though, they need to get themselves in gear immediately. Other teams in the AFC West have started off in a much more impressive fashion, and as it stands, the Kansas City Chiefs currently sit at the top of the table. Now, this isn’t going to come as much of a surprise to other NFL fans and analysts. They are far ahead of most other teams and are still many oddsmakers’ favorites to make the playoffs.

However, the Kansas City Chiefs’ odds of making the playoffs have taken a slight hit. This is because they were on the receiving end of a defeat a gains t Indianapolis. It wasn’t necessarily the fact they lost; it was the manner in which it happened. The Chiefs have been known over the past few years because they have been so strong and effective when it comes to their offense. The defeat against the Indianapolis Colts is one of the few occasions where they haven’t scored at least 20 points in an NFL game.

The Colts are no slouches though; it was by no means a devastating loss. It was a close game which could have gone either way. For this reason, the Chiefs are still considered one of the main favorites for the playoffs, and if they can battle through this adversity and get back to their winning ways, they will be a formidable force to deal with.

Other teams in the AFC West will be looking to exploit the Raiders’ abysmal start. The Denver Broncos were by no means near the top of the favorites when the odds were first released for this season’s playoffs, but they have started strong and will already have a match over the Raiders’ considering they have two wins on the board.

The season is long though, so there’s no doubt that there will be further twists and turns along the way. The two main favorites for the playoffs remain the favorites, but they haven’t necessarily tightened their grip on the top two. The likelihood that they’ll end up there with the way they have started their season isn’t looking as solid as it was at the beginning of the season.

As we discussed, the Chiefs haven’t looked to be the solid bet they did at the start of the season, but there aren’t many fans and analysts out there who would bet on them not to make the playoffs this season.

One team that has staked their claim for the playoffs are the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have a 100% record after three games, which pits them as the biggest favorites for the playoffs out of all the National Conference teams. They were expected to win all these games, but being favorites and executing it effectively on match day are two entirely different prospects.

Although some teams have started better than others, the odds haven’t changed drastically. This is because there haven’t been too many major surprises. Granted, the Raiders haven’t looked electric by any stretch of the imagination, and the Eagles will be brimming with confidence, which has led to their odds being shortened. However, there’s a long way to go in the NFL season, and the odds should take better shape in the next month or two.

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