New Eden – Upcoming Indie Pixel Souls-like MMORPG

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Soulsbourne, Pixel Art, MMORPG, and story driven.

New Eden is set in a distant future world that is a combination of high fantasy and cyberpunk. With intense and strategic combat based on fluid animations, a modular leveling system with unique skills and subsystems, large open environments and a deep story, we hope to push the boundaries of what you can expect from a modern indie MMORPG.

New Eden Dynamic Landscape 2019

There are many weapons, equipment and skills that can be acquired and chosen. Players must learn the combat mechanics of New Eden and use them to their advantage to survive. Players can explore Estaria at will to find treasures and face imminent boss battles.

New Eden 2021 – short PVP clip

New Eden is an ambitious project. We want our team to be small and sustainable, we want to maintain control over the content we create, and we want to remain accountable to our community. We know how ambitious this goal is and we have developed several systems and workflows to accomplish this task. We are convinced that we can do it, but we know that it will take a long time That is why we have chosen our open development strategy. We’ve always wanted New Eden to be free to play, so why shouldn’t people play it while it’s still in development? This helps us better understand what you guys want from the game and allows us to focus on smaller, more focused experiences that we can supplement and develop as we go along.

– 5 minute game dialogue (WIP, lots of old and updated).

The game is available for download on Discord:

Note that this is still an early alpha version and is only a test version.

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We will be especially active on Discord if you want to ask questions or give your opinion on the game.

If you’re really interested, check out our Lore book for a better understanding of New Eden. It can be found in the Discord > Game Info channel

Current building :

  1. 1-handed sword
  2. Greatsword
  3. Lance
  4. Claw
  5. Arc
  6. Employees
  • A short instanced area with a small selection of unique enemies.
  • 1 Chief

Planned Features : Coming Soon – Scheduled for release on the 31st. August 2021.

  • Advanced combat system
  • Large garden with exploration/secretarial office
  • Alignment – Separation – Social Space
  • Advanced PvP Arena – Setting advanced features
  • History/Test -First dungeon -Great weapon types
  • More types of enemies (including bosses and mini bosses)
  • Regular competition events – Regulatory/CoCoL updates

Long term – expected exit at TBD

  • A big open and shared world
  • Countless dungeons, raids and bosses.
  • Guilds & Factions – Towns – Crafts
  • Pets/mountains – Socially oriented request structure
  • Quarterly extensions

We plan to stagger the release of features, and we hope you get to see some of them before the end of the summer.

Dates and positions are subject to change. We set goals, but we work as a hobby and we only have the time we can devote to the project. We also want to incorporate as many suggestions from the community as possible, so we like to keep our plans moving a bit.

Garden of New Eden 2021

New Eden Cave 2021

New Eden 2020 Snakehead – The Valley

Fortress New Eden 2019

New Eden cradle 2019

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