Neustrashimy – A sleeper ticket through Ranked Bronze this season.

I had an incredible bronze medal race last night before the season with Neustra. Since I was running MatchmakingMonitor, I can say with certainty that the team stack was no coincidence. Of Neistra’s 16 games, I’ve lost two. Once against the red uni Lexington and a second time against a couple of players from the uni BB and a normally bad green team. The other 14 wins I got 2 or 3 times (once because I forgot the detonation flags and exploded, the other time because I had 70% Unicum CV on my side. Balanced class!). That left ~10 wins in which I had the best individual RG on my team and had a decisive influence on the game to be won.


As you can see, my personal stats are impressive in every way except for leading this WR team through the rankings.

I think it’s actually DD’s best choice for a T8/T9 bronze competition. Jutland, Kitakadze and Benham are the best choices to make an immediate impact on the game, but Neustra offers the best value for your team. If you want to ride on your back, I recommend following these general guidelines:

  1. Start the MM and see which players are decent and communicative and which lose their way. A CL/CA that looks and responds decently in chat? Make a long line for him and make a note of it. They will have a problem, and it will do some early damage and prevent the Reds from aggressively advancing. If you can avoid quick punches against you, Neustra has a strong resistance to class effects, so it’s generally advisable to brake with red thrusters. Thanks to Neustra’s huge HP pool and excellent discretion, you don’t have to use your smoke to disconnect. Surely an unsustainable DPM/FPM is too bad to go up in smoke and burp. I almost always use my first and second cigarette to get my teammates to smoke.
  2. Look for mid-range stores relative to their SD. DPMs are not lacking, but the weapons are on 360 turrets and have shallow arcs that make 7k+ duels in your favor against USN/RN/EU DD bullets that slide higher. You’re better off breaking into their shells than they are with you. Since your smoke tends to reduce early because of point 1, play it like a pot EU DD.
  3. Thorpes is pretty good. Their reload times are quite long, but they are reasonably fast, have an alpha of 18k and a range of 1.3km, making them (I think?) the most invisible shallow water torpedoes in the game, not to mention the Black Marines. One of the best for the DDD with the RPF torpedoes. Since the rank is 7v7 and the meta is pretty light this season, I haven’t seen much radar in my matches, so the 10k range was appropriate.
  4. Your health and recovery allow you to take many more risks. I have photographed a lot of open boats this season. They usually turn around and shoot you, which is great when you can only eat 2 manats per volley. The BB bursts thrown at you are not the ones the pro-strike cruisers will then point their fingers at. If they don’t respect your weapons, you can still fire 1.5-2k AP volleys at their thinner sections if they point to the side.
  5. Unless you make a mistake (or get blown up because you forgot your flags, oops…), in most games you should stay alive until the last quarter, where the team with a live DD is usually the winning team. Chances are you now have a lot more HP left than Kita or Jutland on the other side, and you can beat them in a firefight if you need to.
  6. If possible, let Ovechkin play for a healthy SE complement or Kuznetsov for his ability to work. I’ve only done the Will to Win program once, and I’ve lived my life in such a way that you tend to win your last health in DB. But Smith’s hidden reserves are actually much more valuable when you get the first blood. The fourth charge of this super-healer propels your efficient HP to truly hilarious heights.

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Post Neustrashimy – Sleeper Ticket via the Bronze Rating this season. for the World of Warships game.

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