Netflix: Top 3 Shows and Movies to See or Review Urgently This Week

Orange Is the New Black (2013) on IMDb

On the menu of this weekly compilation of series and movies on Netflix, three classics of the SVoD platform Let’s be honest, it’s sometimes difficult to choose what to watch on the streaming subscription service because there are so many contents in the catalogue. On the other hand, the supply is rather uneven, there is good, there is very good, but there is also frankly bad.  

For your convenience, here are three must-haves that have been available on Netflix for a long time now. Breathtaking, amazing, well thought-out, funny or surprising… If you decide to see them (or see them again), you shouldn’t be disappointed with the trip.  

Black Mirror: down full screen<a href=Black Mirror (2011) on IMDb’ class=’wp-image-10241′ data-lazy-src=’’ height=’18’ src=’data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns=’’%20viewBox=’0%200%2037%2018’%3E%3C/svg%3E’ width=’37’>8.9/10337 votes

What’s it about?

With each new episode, a new universe and new characters. Black Mirror is a dystopia of anthology, all the components of which are linked by the deployment of a new technology that is ambivalent and often open to criticism. You will have understood it, the series uses the near future it imagines to denounce the omnipresence of screens in the present. It questions the relationship between humans and all the connected objects we use in our daily lives.

Black Mirroris therefore deliberately catastrophic. Optimism is not in evidence among his screenwriters, who prefer to imagine a dark future where technology dominates humans, and not the other way around.  

Our opinion

All right, reading the summary doesn’t necessarily make you want to take the plunge. However, Black Mirror did not steal its rave reviews, making it one of the highest rated series of all time. Certainly, the increasingly unhealthy and disturbing episodes are chilling. The discomfort is all the greater as they sometimes curiously echo reality, as when the characters find themselves trapped by an application that forces them to rate each other.

It is not unlike a similar system developed in China for some time… In short, Black Mirror has no limits and its uncomplicated tone is also its strength. It breaks the codes of the more classic series and offers a new and techno-critical look at our society where screens play an increasingly important role. 

A highlight

Asked about the meaning of the title of the series, its creator Charlie Brooker was very clear:it designates all the screens that surround us. On every wall, in every office, in every palm. These are those of computers, televisions, smartphones…Logic for a show that criticizes precisely their omnipresence in our lives, without taking any pincers. This is not the kind of Brooker, a former comedian known for his propensity to put his feet in the dish, even if it means shocking. 

  • Watch below the trailer of the series:

Into the Wild: Back to the rootsInto the Wild (2007) on IMDb8.1/10526 votes

What’s it about?

Freshly graduated from a major American university, everything seems to be smiling at Christopher McCandless. Big cars, money, health insurance, house in a wealthy suburb…  If he sticks to the plan laid out by his parents, his future will be paved with all the riches that the American consumer society has to offer. Problem, he rejects this way of life outright. On the spur of the moment, he sends all his savings to the OXFAM association and sets off on an adventure on the roads, without ever looking back. 

Our opinion

A film adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s novel Journey to the End of Solitude , Into the Wild is a powerful film and a beautiful ode to freedom. Eleven years later, Christopher McCandless’s journey hasn’t aged a day, and the vast expanses he crossed on his journey are still contemplated with such bliss. The story (inspired by real facts) is a bit naive, but maybe that’s also what makes its charm.

The hero embodies an ideal of audacity and emancipation. There’s something quite fantastic about his decision to give up everything to leave civilization. It is one of those desires that we often think about but never dare to satisfy. In addition, Emile Hirsch, who plays the hero, is perfect in his role. Without ever overdoing it, he perfectly testifies to the candor that inhabits his character right to the end of the road.  

A highlight

For his fourth time behind the camera, Sean Penn wanted to assemble a four-star cast. First actor considered to play Christopher? Leonardo Di Caprio. As it finally took ten years for Christopher McCandless’s family to give their approval for the film, this lead was abandoned. It is finally the young Emile Hirsch who convinces the director and his involvement during the shooting is total: he does all the stunts himself and has lost nearly 20 kilograms to better stick to his character.  

  • Discover a trailer of this excellent movie to get an idea :

Orange Is The New Black: Fishing hutOrange Is the New Black (2013) on IMDb8.1/10257 votes

What’s it about?

Autobiographical and eponymous, Orange Is The New Black is taken from Piper Kerman’s book of the same name (renamed Chapman in the show). Oscillating between comedy (most of the time) and drama, she recounts her daily prison life. Imprisoned at Lichtfield Prison for Women for carrying a suitcase of drug money, Piper is struggling to survive in this ruthless world. It is a real life lesson for the heroine in a penitentiary where low blows, violence, but also humour, friendship and love await her.

Our opinion

Crazy, delirious and rarely disappointing, Orange Is The New Black is one of our favourite series. To make a long story short, it’s the prison universe in all its wackiest, most comical, but also most touching. As funny as it is serious, the series cleverly tackles a theme that is not very popular with series creators (HBO’sOz being one of the rare other examples) and teaches us a lot about American prisons.

Tylor Schilling is quite amazing in the role of Piper, she manages to make her character, her mistakes and her imperfections endearing. His cell mates are not to be outdone either. The many flashbacks of civilian life serve the narrative well and prevent it from becoming monotonous in the long run. 

A highlight

The prisoner faces we see in close-up in the credits? Contrary to what is easy to think, these are not the faces of the actresses of the show, but those of real inmates. For the sake of authenticity, the producers were keen on this detail. More than sixty of them agreed to be photographed, including Piper Kerman, the author of the book that inspired the series.  

  • To get a taste, watch this trailer:


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