Netflix: Top 3 Animated Films of the Ghibli Studio (Miyazaki) to Discover This Weekend

The good news was made official a few weeks ago the 21 films from the Ghibli Studio unanimously considered as jewels of Japanese animation, will make their entry in the Netflix catalogue From 1 February and at a rate of seven additions per month until April, subscribers to the streamingplatform will therefore be able to discover or rediscover the nuggets signed by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata (among others).

This is a great move for Netflix and a great way to further enrich its catalog with very popular content. On our side, to celebrate the happy news, we have concocted a selection of three of the best Ghibli movies to discover this weekend on the streamingplatform.

1. Porco Rosso: a healthy mind in a healthy pigPorco Rosso (1992) on IMDb 7.8/1064.525 votes

In summary

In Italy, during the troubled period between the two world wars, Marco Pagot, a former pilot in the trans-Alpine air force, fell victim to a curse that turned him into a pig. Renamed Porco Rosso, he lives isolated on a deserted island in the Adriatic where he has built his landmark and stands ready to help anyone who needs his services. Just one day, a phone call disrupted his life as a hermit. Hijackers want to attack a ship carrying a cargo of gold and the crew begs him to come to the rescue. Initially reluctant, he changed his mind when he learned that schoolgirls were on board. The Pigman then starts his superb red seaplane and sets out to rescue the boat in danger.

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Don’t they say everything’s good in the pig? In any case, it is not Porco Rosso, an animated film in the Ghibli galaxy, that will make us say the opposite. Far from the landscapes of the Japanese archipelago, often honoured by Miyazaki, the animated film takes us to the fascist Italy of the 1930s. The adventures of the pilot pig take place in a world that is less enchanting, more realistic and tragic than usual in studio films. Man turned pig, Porco Rosso is also an unlikely hero, more mature, less predictable.

Aboard his red seaplane, he roams the skies for glory, looking for people to rescue. His celestial adventures are full of nostalgia and allow Miyazaki to tackle complex themes, war and the place of women in society, to name but a few. Otherwise, Ghibli Studio lives up to its reputation: the animations are superb, the soundtrack is excellent and the film has its share of memorable scenes, as funny as they are moving. That’s (among other things) why Porco Rossois a movie to see (without hesitation) is that its arrival on Netflix is the perfect opportunity to enjoy it.

  • The trailer of this classic is to be seen below:

2. My neighbour Totoro: Beauty and the beastMy neighbour Totoro (1988) on IMDb 8.2/10250,906 votes

In summary

When the girls Mei and Satsuki move to the countryside to be closer to their hospitalized mother, they have no idea what surprises this new world has in store for them. In the forest live strange and wonderful creatures, the Totoros, forest spirits as rare as they are fascinating. They feed on acorns and nuts and love to play the ocarina on Full Moon nights. One day, Satsuki discovered the Totoro kingdom. Then begins a beautiful friendship between the two little girls and a strange and benevolent creature.

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My Neighbor Totoro is one of Studio Ghibli’s oldest cartoons. It is also one of the best, a pearl full of magic and poetry. There is not an ounce of nastiness or antagonism in this tale, everything is simple and childish. Hayao Miyazaki chooses here to give pride of place to sweetness and dreams by telling the story of the friendship between the two girls and Totoro, the amazing creature they meet.

As a result, it’s touching, funny and you come out of the film with a big smile. Totoro is no stranger to the excellent impression left by the animated film. The big plush, surrounded by mysteries, is very endearing, in its own way. The bus scene in which he plays a key role (you’ll see) is one of the most striking films in the Ghibli galaxy. In short, you’ll make up your own mind, but for us, My neighbour Totoro undoubtedly has a place in the pantheon of the best cartoons.

  • Discover a taste of My Neighbour Totoro here:


3. The Castle in the Sky: Stop the pirates! Castle in the Sky (1986) on IMDb 8.0/10133.548 votes

In summary

Dora’s gang of dangerous pirates is holding the young Sheeta prisoner in her airship. To escape them, she jumps into the void and owes her salvation only to Pazu, an airplane pilot her age. As they manage to escape from the dangerous freebooters, Sheeta confides. She is the descendant of the rulers of Laputa, a legendary island floating in the sky.

What a surprise for Pazu, his father said he saw it with his own eyes, but nobody believed him. As the only holder of an artifact that allows her to reach the mythical city, the young woman will then embark Pazu on a perilous journey. Together, they will have to rally Laputa, escaping the pirates and all the other enemies who are on their heels.

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You’ll take one more for the road, won’t you? The Château dans le Ciel has nothing to envy to the first two choices of our selection. Like his compatriots, he quickly established himself as a classic and a must in the genre. The script, Hayao Miyazaki’s best in our eyes, is simply brilliant. Packed with twists and turns and other unexpected twists and turns, he’s on the edge of his seat from start to finish. Inspired by Gulliver’s Travels, Castle in the Sky is in a slightly different register from Porco Rosso and My Neighbour Totoro.

While it is a beautiful expression of the imagination, it also reveals itself as a relevant ecological fable that carries a critical message against militarism and the misuse of technology. The fantasy landscapes of Sheeta and Pazu are sublime, as are the animations and colours. Special mention for the flying city Laputa and its many richly detailed settings. Add to all this perfect (or almost perfect) music and you get another Ghibli movie not to be missed (really not).

  • Watching the trailer for The Castle in the Sky is adopting it: 

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