Netflix: Top 10 Best Cartoons in the Catalogue

Netflix is full of excellent cartoons for young and old. Whether you are more of a fan of Japanese anime 3D animation or big American productions, the VOD service has what you need in its catalogue. Here is our selection.

The Netflix catalogue is not limited to series such as Stranger Things Jessica Jones or Dark, nor is it limited to adult films such as Jessie or The Dark Knight. There are also cartoons for children, such as Shrek or the Minions, anime from Japan (sometimes called Manga) and great classics, such as Kirikou or Tom & Jerry.

For direct access to categories such as horror cartoons or action cartoons, we suggest you use our Netflix secret code list. Please note that programs disappear from the Netflix catalogue every month. If one of the cartoons below is no longer available, the VOD service has probably been forced to remove it for legal reasons.

The best animated films

Lego Movie – The Great Lego Adventure

Packed with references and private joke for adults and connoisseurs alike, The Lego Big Adventure tells the tale of Emmet, an ordinary being mistaken for the “Special” (or the “Chosen One”) destined to defeat Lord Business, a dangerous villain. In this colourful adventure, you’ll meet a Batman who’s more hilarious than usual.


Manga fans, 7Seeds is for you! In this animated series, we discover an apocalyptic world (yes, another one), ravaged by a meteor shower, just like in the time of the dinosaurs. The Japanese government was aware of the coming disaster. To enable humanity to survive, he set up the “7SEEDS” project, a group of elected Young People placed in cryogenics and safety.

Shrek Quadrilogy

In this completely revised fairy tale, Shrek, a green ogre who lives in the marshes, falls madly in love with Princess Fiona. In this very special universe, this love is not a one-way street! The 4 films of the saga are available in the Netflix catalogue


A lazy postman named Jasper is transferred to a small glacial town. On the spot, the young man befriends a mysterious bearded carpenter named Klaus. A bit like Santa Claus he lives far away from everything in a cottage full of toys. A superb Christmas tale to savour at the end of the year.

Spongebob, the film

When Mr. Krabs is falsely accused of stealing King Neptune’s crown, SpongeBob and Patrick go in search of the precious jewel. The feature film has all the ingredients that made the animated series of the same name a success: acid humour, original characters and onion replicas.


No more Tarzan, the Disney classic. Raised among the gorillas, a young boy grows up to be a big-hearted savage. One day, he stumbles upon an expedition of explorers, including young and pretty Jane. It’s almost instant love at first sight. An animated film to see and see again. Special mention to the moving soundtrack by Phil Collins.

The best anime series

Minecraft: Story Mode

Since the end of 2018, Netflix has been offering its subscribers the chance to play Minecraft: Story Mode, an interactive animated series in which you are the hero. Like in Black Mirror Bandersnatch, you’re going to have to make choices throughout the story. Each of your choices has an influence on the course of the story and the adventures of the characters. For connoisseurs, the game was developed by the Telltale studio.


Ultraman, the cult Japanese series from 1966, is entitled to its remake on Netflix. This time, it is a young high school student named Shinjiro who takes over, helped by the gene inherited by his father, Shin Hayata, the first Ultraman. Exclusively made in computer-generated images, the series promises to be a real eye-opener.

One Punch Man

In this cult Japanese anime, Saitama, a young boy with no work and no purpose, becomes by the force of fate the most powerful superhero in the world. He is indeed capable of beating any opponent with a single punch. Unfortunately, his lack of charisma and cunning will prevent him from being taken seriously.

The Adventures of Tintin

Very faithful to Hergé’s albums, the series offers the youngest a doorway into the world of Tintin. We find all the characters from the comics, such as Captain Haddock, Snowy, the Dupont and Dupond and Professor Sunflower.  The episodes of the series pay a beautiful tribute to cult albums such as Le Crabe aux Pinces d’Or, Les Bijoux de la Castafiore or Le Temple du Soleil.

We hope that this selection will help you keep your toddlers or your next TV night busy. If you liked this article, we invite you to discover our top of the best Netflix catalogue movies and our top of the best Netflix series So, what cartoon are you watching tonight?

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