At the end of every month, it’s the same old story on Netflix: some films arrive on the streaming platform, others leave the catalogue. Here’s a list of everyone who is packing this month.

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Christmas movies, crime documentary series… these are some of the contents we recommended in December. You can find the latest Netflix catalogue news here. But now let’s move on to the departures. As every month, the expiry of rights and licenses obliges, some films and series leave the platform.

Here you will find a complete list of all relevant content as of January 2020, with our selection of the most significant departures as a bonus. Some good people will say goodbye at the beginning of the year, Indiana Jones, Will Hunting and Django Unchained to name but a few. So now is the perfect time to enjoy it over the holidays. From our side, we advise you:

1. Django Unchained – 01/01 Django Unchained (2012) on IMDb 8.4/101,254,733 votes

An excellent Tarantino is bowing out for the New Year. Upon its release in 2013, Django Unchainedmade a strong impression on viewers, to the point where it became one of the best films by the famous American director. His synopsis? Two years before the Civil War, Dr. King Schulz, a German bounty hunter, acquires the slave Django to help him track down two murderers he wants to kill. In exchange for his help, Django is promised his freedom if their research is successful. The unlikely duo then set off in search of their prey across the southern United States and its many cotton plantations held in an iron fist by slave owners. But Django does not forget his ultimate ambition: to find and save his wife Broomhilda from whom he was separated by the slave trade.

  • Here is the trailer of the film:

2. The Guardians of the Galaxy – 01/01 The Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) on IMDb 8.0/10985,265 votes

In this Marvel film that will appeal to young and old alike, Peter Quill is a space adventurer who gets his hands on a mysterious globe whose true powers he doesn’t know. He also has no idea that the artifact is coveted by evil beings who want to use it to control the universe. When he realises what he has in his hands, Quill is forced to ally himself with four aliens: Groot, a tree with a limited vocabulary, Rocket, a touchy raccoon, Drax, a not-so-smart big shot and the beautiful, but dangerous Gamora. Together, they will have to do their best to preserve the balance of the universe and escape all the dangers that their enemies put in their path.

  • Watch the trailer for this action-packed adventure feature film:

3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 01/01 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) on IMDb 6.1/10402,278 votes

The latest adventures of the adventurous archaeologist, released in 2008 in the cinema, are also coming to an end. In this recent opus, Indy is just back at Marshall College after having once again escaped from a gang of Soviet agents who wanted to kill him. But unfortunately, he is not at the end of his troubles because this time it is the American government that is giving him a hard time. After being dismissed from his position as a professor, he flies to Peru in search of the crystal skull of Akator, a mysterious relic that has aroused lust for centuries. Soon he realizes he’s not the only one tracking the legendary object. The Russians also want to get their hands on the skull and will stop at nothing to get it.

  • If you’re hesitating to get started, take a look at the trailer :

4. Weeds (season 1 to 8) – 01/01 Weeds (2005) on IMDb 7.9/1098.994 votes

A series to finish, with Weeds, a nice and quite amazing program. In an upscale residential suburb of Los Angeles, appearances can be very deceiving. Nancy Botwin, a respectable mother, has been struggling to make ends meet since the death of her husband. To get out of it, she made a radical decision: to start selling marijuana. Conveniently supporting his two sons, his illegal activities quickly bring him cash. However, in a neighbourhood where conformism and decency prevail, it quickly finds it difficult to keep up appearances without compromising itself. Reconciling respectable family life and selling drugs is far from being a piece of cake.

  • Season 1 trailer is here:

Otherwise, here is the list of all departures scheduled in January:


Matt Damon and Robin Williams in Will Hunting

  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – January 1st
  • Will Hunting – January 1
  • Pitch Perfect _ January 1
  • Zero Dark Thirty – January 1st
  • Bee, the movie – 1 January
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy – January 1st
  • Blimey! – January 1st
  • Megamind – January 1st
  • The Breakfast Club – January 1
  • Sixteen candles for Sam – January 1
  • Django Unchained – 1 January
  • The Push Strategy – January 3
  • An Ideal Man – January 18
  • The Love Witness – January 31
  • Jules & Julia – January 31


The Family Guy Characters

  • Weeds (season 1 to 8) – January 1
  • Family Guy (season 11 and 2) – January 1st
  • Under the Dome (season 1 to 3) – January 1
  • Grimm (season 1 to 6) – January 6

One-man show

Ary Abittan’s poster for the show

  • Ary Abittan’s Madness– January 1

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